Chapter 7

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I've been in bed all day. There is no reason to get up, so why should I?

I've convinced my mom I just have a cold. She's been bringing me hot soup every hour or so.

The last time my mom checked on me she opened the window. "You can't be living like a vampire in here", she said. "Get some light in here." I wanted to whine but I didn't have the energy.

The pink, pastel curtains curtains flapped around in the light breeze. The cool, summer air hit my face and I hid myself in my blanket.

The next day was the exact same.

The third day I got some energy and got up to turn on my music. Summertime Sadness filled my room as I sang along.

I like to think of myself as an "okay" singer. All my friends say I am amazing, I am not convinced.

I also pulled out the watercolor paints today. I may not be a great artist, but I like to have fun. Try new things.

The fourth day was the most interesting.

I woke up at dawn. The orangy-yellow sun just rising on the horizon. I threw on a blue tank top that was tight to my skin, and some capri leggings.

I slid my headphones over my ears. I am not really an earbud kind of person. Earbuds hurt my ears and they always fall out.

I turned on some of my favorite tunes, and sauntered outside. I actually came back to the world today. I jogged a while, waving to some kind neighbors whom I had gotten to know.

Then it all happened so fast.

The car, the concrete, the blood, the pain. I was knocked unconscious for a while, I'm not sure exactly how long.

I woke up in a small hospital room, laying on a white bed with thin, white sheets.

My mom's face lit up when she saw I was awake.

I tried to sit up, and that's when I noticed I had a large cast from my right ankle, up to the top of my knee. I also had a little cast-thing on my left thumb. There were scrapes and spots of dried blood all over me.

That's when the door opened, and I remembered.

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