CH 2...... I have an argument with the Gods except a few with help before

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           So I was on my way to Olypus when my two uncles came up to me. I said sarcasticaly "To what do I owe the pleasure." Then Zeus says "Well we the counsil is putting you and the other children of the big three to death and by the way Your father disowned you." I said "WHAT why are you guys killing me and why did my dad disown me. Thats when Hades chimed in "the truth is posiden is not your Dad  Chaos is." I said " who is chaos." A man in the background said "me." zeus and hades kneel. Chaos said" why r you kneelling I hate it when people Kneel just because i created everything.""Sorry my lord the two gods" said in unisin. "You know I hate  it when you call me lord to." "sorry" the two gods said. chaos said thank you now that we are done with that how have you been Omega. I said who is Omega. Chaos simply said you are my son. My jaw droped. Chaos said when you were a baby i had sally protect you and only gave you powers of posiden so no one would notice you were my son untill it was time. I said ohh ok so whats the plan. Chaos said im gonna get you and your friends out of here when you get executed. ohh great i said this should be fun.

___________fast forward________

         All in favor for them to die zues said. And these hands poped up posiden, zeus(he and hades are suppose to "hate" me), hades, hera, ares, athena, demeter, dionisis, persephone. I was wowed at how many gods raised their hands. I mean you know how many time i have saved their asses i mean wow.I was thankful to those who didnt want me dead including zeus and hades thats who I can trust. I told the kids of the big 3 not to be afraid everything was going to be fine. When Zeus said alright exection is ready and fire then as the threw wepons of destruction at us we were flashed out. I let out a huge sigh of relief. And thats when i got all the questions how did you know we were going to be fine and this included Jason, Thalia, Nico, and Hazel and then they stopped asking questions when they saw the surroundings I mean all I thought was amazing and wow. Just then Chaos appeared in front of us first acknoledging me saying hello my son and I replied back saying hello father then to my friends i said hey guys this is my real father Chaos and Im known as Omega.

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