chapter 2

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"oh... um ya the other bathroom is just down the hall." I said and then heard him walk off. God hes hot... and probably taken. when I'm done my bath I walk down the stairs and walk to my friend Emily's house. all of my friends are there. "hey guys so that new English teacher Mr. fitz is dreamy." said Hanna. "I know right hes so hoooottttt" I say. aria stays silent. I tap aria because shes dozing off. "aria you okay?" I ask. "guys.... I have to tell you something. but you cant tell anyone.... no parents no nothing." she says. we all say of course and she says "guys... I'm dating mr Fitz." she says. "oh my God!" we all say. Hanna looks kind of grossed out. "um.... sorry" I say. "you guys didn't know... its wierd because hes our teacher but... I love him and he loves me." she says. we all smile. we sit there for a second and I say "so my dad got a new carpenter and he is seriously... ugh. hes probably taken." I say. "well how old is he?" asks aria. "hes 19." I say. everyone smiles and says "Spencer thats great!" I smile. after talking a little more I go home and see Toby again. I see my dad left so I tell Toby to stop. "whats up?" he asks "the sky" I say and before he could reply I kiss him.

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