''Goodmorning Angle''

''Goodmorning human''

''I have name you now''

''I now I just like calling you human''

''Well stop calling me human I now I'm a human''

''Sorry for calling you human''

''It's okay''

(All the sundering glass broke downstair's)


"What was that?"

''I don't now I will go check it out stay here''


(Harry went downstairs to see what broke it was a vase that his mom gave to him when he moved out Harry cleaned up with the broom he heard noises come from upstairs he ran upstairs to see Louis was okay)

''Lou you their




(Harry we to his room he wasn't their then check the closet he wasn't their the bathroom but it was lock)

''LOU open then door it's me Hazza''

''Is really you Harbear''

''Yes now open the door''


(Louis unlock the door Harry ran in like no tomorrow)

''Lou you in here''

''I'm in the tub''

'''Lou what happen why are you bleeding?"

''They came''

''Who came?"

''The three demons when went downstairs they came and beat me up when they were done beating me they try turning to a demon so I kick Zayn in the balls and hide in the bathroom they heard you coming they left I don't want to come out because I was scared to come out I'm so scared Harry''

''It's okay Louis every tihng will be okay''





''Will you be my human boyfriend?"

''Y-Yes I will love to be your human boyfriend''

(Harry leaned over to kiss him Harry pulled away so he can breath)

''I love Harry the angle''

''I love you Louis the human let's go to bed''

''I would love to go to bed''

''I now you would''

(Harry helped out the tub they took off their cloths and put their pj's on and went to sleep)

''Goodnight Lou''

''Goodnight Angle''


Sorry it's short I was tired and my finger was hurten so sorry so how did Three demons get in his house? mysterious don't forget to commit and vote love y'all 

love A_Larry <3 

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