Chapter 16

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Hopes P.O.V

We arrived at Starbucks after our argument. I know I have A LOT to explain, but I'm don't want to.. I have to anyways. "Hi welcome to Starbucks how may I help you today?" the cashier lady asked. "Ummm Can I get a small vanilla bean?" "Sure thing! anything else?" "No thanks" "Ok your total will be $5" I handed her $5,and looked for a spot while Jay was ordering her drink. I sat down while Jay was paying. then all of a sudden I felt like if someone was watching me.... I looked around, but didn't see anything. Weird...

Jays POV

Right after I payed my drink I spotted Hope looking around for something, or someone.. I've noticed that she's been acting a little weird lately... she has her guard on and is cautious.. Anyways I just shrug off the nagging feeling in the pit if my stomach... Time to interrogate her... "Ok Hope how did you get Alex to agree? and you BETTER not lie to me!" "Umm ok well remember that time when you and. Patas Chuecas broke up for the first time? Well do you remember that Alex and I left the house right after we arrived?" "Yes...." I wonder where this is going.... "Well me might've beat the crap outa him afterwards and threaten him...." "WHAT!?!? it was you and Alex who beat him up!?!?" she looked at me like I was ready to yell at her, but I'm not normal so I started laughing"Hahaha" she gave me a confused/shocked face.. "why Aren't you yelling at me or killing me?" she asked me cautiously like if I was a ticking bomb! "Well cuz u guys did an awesome job!! hahaha he was so traumatized that he didn't go near me for two months!!! an well tat nigga deserved it! But wow u can actually kick major ass!!!"

Hopes POV

After I told her that it was Alex and me who beat him up I thought that she was going to start yelling, and try to kill me! But no this girl really is INSANE!! She started laughing her ass off!!! I was both shocked and confused! *After she calmed down* "so...we on good terms again?" I asked. "Of course!! we are!! lol just tell me next time you wanna beat up someone, so that I can come with ." I felt relieved after this! It's really Hard to keep things from her! Especially since we live in the same house!!! She can read me like an open book!!!

Jays POV

So we are on good terms again! Yay!! we were finishing our drinks when I revived a phone call from my boss.. yea I started working at....... Journey Kids!! Ahh my dream job till' I graduate college. * on phone*

Boss:"hey Jay sorry to call on such short notice, but can you fill in for Zachary? He called in sick..,"

Me: "umm sure thing boss is it ok if I arrive in 20 minutes?"

Boss: "yes,and thank you so much Jay!"

Me: "welcome bye"


* end of phone call*

"Hope so sorry but I have to go..i gotta fill in for Zachary he called in sick-"

"It's ok Jay go ahead lol I will walk" "Are you sure Hope I mean its a little dark outside..." "Its ok go on ahead i'll be fine! remember I can kick ass" "Ok then bye sis" "Bye" Gosh I hate leaving her all alone while its getting dark outside, but I really need the money for college expenses.... That nagging feeling that something bad was gonna happen came back.. ugh I hope She gets home safely...

Hopes POV

I watched as Jay left... I felt like I was being watched again.. hmm wonder if I have a stalker.... I finished my coffee,and started my way home just 5 blocks away no biggy right?

Unknown POV

Finally she's alone! 'bout time the other girl left... I've been keeping an eye on Hope since she was kicked out... now its dark and she's walking home.... Finally I can take her with me! Of course I'm not going to hurt her even if i wanted to my Alpha will want her to himself... I almost got caught looking at her earlier.... I hope that if I take her to my Alpha he'll let me go so that I can get my Mate,and pups back... That's right bitches! I'm a werewolf! But sadly I'm an omega. If I take Hope to my Alpha he will let me go along with my Mate,and my pups.. I really don't want to hurt her....,but my Wolf could care less for her he wants his mate and pups NOW..

Hopes POV

After 5minutes of walking I stop and turn around... nothing I'm honestly scared right now I get my pocket knifes ready.. I keep one knife strapped around each thigh... I get the first one out on hand... all of the sudden someone put a piece of cloth over my mouth..SHIT SHIT SHIT don't breathe Hope don't you fucking dare breathe!!! I wasn't ready for this! ugh why did I leave my gun at home!?!? (yes I have a gun license,and I keep pocket knifes with me) before I pass out due to the lack of oxygen I stab the person in the stomach,and then I'm out...

Unknown POV

That bitch!!! she stabbed me in the stomach!! Oh well my Alpha will have 'fun' with her...,and i'll get my freedom, and my family back... After I put her in the car I pulled out the stupid knife,and threw it on the ground.. I felt my stomach start to heal itself one of the perks of being a werewolf,but just because I heal doesn't mean that it didn't hurt!!! Hahaha Tis BITCH is gonna get it if she doesn't behave with the Alpha...

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