Hetalia: 9/11

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The countries are meeting in New York, Ina building near to the World Trade Center (Twin Towers).

"Alright dudes, let's start this conference already!" America yelled while shoving hamburgers into
his mouth.

"Id love to, but we can't understand a word you're saying." England sighed. "Stop being fat and talk without consuming hamburgers like a vacuum, please."

"Aww, don't get your panties in a twist, Eyebrows." France winked.

"Shut up, you cheese-loving monkey faced jerk!" England shrieked

"Well, who talks to imaginary friends?! Why don't you ask them to pluck your eyebrows?" France retorted. With that, England started to strangle him.

"Ai yaa, you so immature!" China said. "Stop strangling each other, we have serious business to do aru!"

"He's right!" Sealand said.

"Shut up Sealand, you're not even a country!" England yelled.

"Jerk." Seland scoffed, walking away.

"I'm a country, but no one cares." Canada whispered, his voice soft as the wind.

"Who are you?" his pet polar bear asked.

"...I'm Canada." Canada replied.

"Mein Gott, shut up!" Germany shouted. "Do we really have to do zis again?!"

"I can make them stop." Russia said, holding up a water pipe.

"Ah, no thanks Russia..." Germany said, nervously.

"Become one with Russia, da?" He said creepily.

"Pastaaaaaa!~" Italy sang.

Germany facepalmed. Getting up, he cleared his voice, looking around the large conference table with all the countries seated around it.

"I suppose we can start." Germany said, "So stop fighting for a minute. First thing we must address, Global Warming!"

"Don't we try to do that every time?" America asked, daydreaming. New York was the city he grew up in, and many memories flooded the place.

"Yes, but our meetings end up without ever resolving an issue." Germany replied. "This time let's actually try to do zomething?"

"Okay, so since I'm the hero I say we destroy this dude Global Warming or whatever. You'll all back me up, right?" America said. "No objections? Good cause' I don't care! Hahahaha! Just kidding dudes."

"Do you even know what global warming is..." Spain asked.

"Ah. No." America replied, flashing a smile.

"I give up. Stupidity knows no limit, huh?" Spain muttered to himself. "Once again, you prove that not everyone with glasses is smart!"

"Anyways, what I was trying to say was-" Germany started, but just then shouts and cries outside their window were heard, along with a plane engine and and a large explosion.

"W-What was that?!" Lativa asked

"Stay calm guys!" France shouted. Most of the countries rushed to the window, and started to panic at the sight that met their eyes. A plane had crashed into the top of one of the Twin Towers, and the streets below were mayhem and chaos. America pounded his fist against the window, a look of pure hatred and rage in his eyes.

"What the heck!" he shouted, and then ran outside towards the building.

"Alfred! Wait, don't..." England shouted, but his words were lost in the slam of the door. "I'm going after him!" he ran outside.

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