Liam POV

I had to talk to Louis and patch things up. If Harry and Niall could do it, Lou and I could as well. I knew he was home because I could hear music blasting from his room and his voice could be heard harmonizing with every song that came on. That was one thing that Louis was underappreciated for. He could hear a pitch and sing a note that would sound perfect with it. And people say he can't sing. That takes some serious talent.

At this point my feet had carried me down the hall and I was standing in front of his door. I knocked gently on the door only to hear nothing in reply. I knocked louder, my knuckles banging against the wood but the music was too loud. I opened the door a crack and yelled "HEY LOUIS," to get his attention. To say it worked would be an understatement.

"Holy shit what the hell do you think you're doing?!" He yells yanking the door open making my hand lose its grip on the knob. I let it fall and I stand awkwardly with my hands limp at my sides.

"I uh was trying to get your attention. Sorry." I apologize, stating the obvious. Damn this is more awkward than I thought.

"Just calm down mate no problem. What's up?" He leans against the doorframe, the music still blasting in the background.

"I just wanted to talk. I mean only if you want to, I can just leave..." I start to take a step backwards but he shakes his head, expression turning serious. He knows what this conversation will be about.

He lets me in and I walk around piles of clothes and wires to sit on his bed. He joins me after turning down his music until it plays quietly in the background, only a faint buzz to break the silence. Only now am I truely worried about what will happen. I clearly made a mistake and didn't mean to kiss him...right? Yeah yeah it wasn't anything real, just a "in the heat of the moment" type of thing.

"Well I just wanted to apologize for everything I mean, I can't go back but if I could I would. I just hope my mistake won't make things awkward from now on between us. Nothing is worth losing you as my friend Louis." There, I recited the speech I had been practicing since last night perfectly. Success.

"Yeah no problem mate I mean no harm done right?"

"Right," my mouth says as my heart says 'No'. What the hell heart, what are you thinking? Oh wait you aren't. You are a heart not a brain. And you don't have control over thi- Okay sidetracked no brain no.

"Good," Louis says before looking around slowly, a sign that I should leave.

"Okay well, I'm glad we had this talk," I say with a questioning tone. More like me talking and you listening. Clearly that isn't how normal conversations go. But I guess apologies tend to be like that.

I hurry out of the room shutting the door behind me giving Louis a nod as he walks over to turn his music back up.

Well that wasn't that bad. But I still feel uneasy, something is still wrong.

Niall POV

Harry pushes his forehead against mine and I bump my nose against his, urging him on. Our lips connect and move slowly, the tension that had built up between us was finally being released, and it couldn't feel better. I try to contain myself but the kiss becomes deeper and more frantic. My arms locked around his neck as he presses closer to me until I am practically on his lap.

After our picnic we wandered around the town we were in before returning to our picnic spot to watch the sun set. And from there we got VERY caught up in the moment.

"Harry," I say, the word coming out as more of a moan than a statement. Wow well that's awkward.

He clearly takes this as a sign to continue further and reaches his hand up my shirt to cup my side. Well hello hand, welcome to my stomach. This is new. I am okay with this.

His lips leave mine and trail down slowly to my neck, leaving light kisses along my jaw.

"Harry," I say more firmly.

"We can't. I mean we're sitting in the open who knows what little kid will walk by and be scarred for life." Even though I say this with a chuckle, I want nothing else but to continue this somewhere more private.

"I know I just don't want to," Harry groans as he rolls out from under me. He sits on the edge of the messy blanket and fixes his hair before turning to me.

He leans over and I close my eyes once again. I'm not surprised when I feel his lips meet mine for one last kiss. He pulls back and twists around while standing up completing a motion that is very confusing for me to watch. I shake my head at him as I stand up a little more civilized. He sticks out his tongue and I laugh.

After we clean up our picnic mess we head back to the car.





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