Only You

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Xiumin- PG
You were going to the concert hall were your boyfriend of almost 2 years was performing. You showed the guards your backstage pass with girls crowding around you. He let you in while trying to stop the others. You walked through the door and straightend your wrinkly clothes. You walked through the quiet but hectic hallway. You heard your heels clicking and clacking on the floor as you looked for ego's dressing room. Soon enough you found it and knocked on the door. No one answered. You knocked again, the door clicked open and a tall figure poked his head from behind the door.
"Ah, noona, are you hear to see xiumin hyung?" Kai asked you with a small smile.
"Hey Kai, yeah. Am I not allowed to come in?" You asked while smiling brightly.
"Well, noona.... I'm kinnda.... Some other members... ahmm... we're not really dressed..." his face blushed as he looked down.
"Ah, well.... I'll close my eyes, I need to tell xiumin something. Help me." You held your hand out for him to take while you closed your eyes. He took it and opened the door quickly then pulled you in so no one can see on the outside. He led you to the back of the big dressing room. You opened your eyes and saw the curtain, you turned towards kai.
"is xiumin in here?" You asked putting your hand on the curtain. He nodded and quickly walked away looking for his tie and white shirt. You opened the curtain and saw xiumin back to you, and a girl buttoning up a shirt for him. You knew just by looking at her that it was his young and drop dead gorgeous stylist.
*could he seriously not button his shirt on his own? * you thought while letting go of the curtain. Yes, you weren't normally the type to get jelous, but this... another women, buttoning up his shirt for him.... In a dressing room... with no one else in here... made you quite jelous. The stylist looked up from what she was doing and gasped, making xiumin turn around.
"Oh~ hey babe...." you looked at him, then at the girl who's hands were still on the buttons of his shirt.
"Oh- oh this..." he said swiping the girls hands off him, "I - it's not what it looks like...." he stuttered.  You rolled your eyes,
"yeah, okay... I'll wait out here...." you said with an annoyed tone. As soon as you closed the curtain the stylist came out and ran towards another member, avoiding you. While you were looking at her runaway you felt a hand on your wrist. It pulled you back  into the small room and closed the curtain.
"Don't be mad..." the voice said sweetly. You turned around to face him.
"Xiumin, of course i'm mad... can't you button your shirt yourself??" You asked gettting out of his grasp only for him to pull you back into it.
"Trust me Y-N, nothing happened... I would only do something like that with you." He said while caressing your face. You smiled inside, but didn't want to loose to him...
"Really... how would I know what you two were doin-" he grabbed you and pulled you towards his body not letting any space inbetween the both of you. He smashed his lips onto yous leaving you for a shock, but soon responding back. He pushed you against the wall, in the corner and held your waist tightly, not letting you go. You wraped your arms around his neck and played with his hair. He pulled away and smiled,
"I love it when youu do that..." and went back to kissing you. You quickly pulled away, realizing your surroundings.
"Yah! Oppa! Youre gonna be late! lets not do this hear!" You said while fixing his tie and buttoning up the rest of his buttons.
"I should be the one doing this..." you said and smiled. He smiled at your cuteness and pulled you in for a hug. "Y-N, trust me.. only you will do anything like this and have it actually mean something, and to be there for me, to love me..."

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