We Went To Romulus For A Day

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     It wasn't hard sneaking out actually, it was simple, even for a first timer. I barely felt bad though, like I knew I should have. I normally didn't do anything bad, anything worth punishment. Maybe a white lie here and there, dated a few questionable boys, but nothing outstandingly bad. That just wasn't me, I didn't get thrill out of that like some people. I just didn't have the backbone. I was out of window and down the trellis by 1:35 in the black night. I hadn't ever been outside by myself this late either, I was usually with Cat and Marina who broke rules just to see how far they could go.

     I saw my neighbor sitting outside on her porch, she looked like she had just been crying, a few tears still falling out. She had tattoos up and down her body, painting her neck and arms with stories of her passions and her travels. She was really beautiful, scars, tattoos and all. My mum didn't think she was a good influence on me though, so I rarely had a chance to speak to her. There were always men leaving her house in the morning, but I knew the only thing she couldn't find in life was love, and so I didn't blame her. She was only in her underwear and a big tee-shirt, her dyed black hair up in a falling bun, dark makeup rings around her eyes.

      It made me think of the time as a middle school student when I was sitting on my porch, just as she was in this moment, with my head in my hands. I don't remember what I was so spun about, but she said, "It's okay doll, if you're ever sad just remember you only recognize what it feels like to be upset because you've seen true happiness." and those were some of the words I thought about when my tears were silent. I walked over to her, she was even prettier close up and I put my arms around her. After a second of confusion she hugged back and I whispered the same words she said to me all those years ago, what she said when she couldn't have been any older than me. She smiled a sad smile, lips forcing themselves to curl up, but I knew she felt love in those few seconds, just like she always had been looking for. When I walked away, back into the shadows of the world she had already re-entered her house, the lights were out now.

     I walked on, my steps in only the moonlight, but I wasn't unsure. I was worried because I don't know what goes on at a rave, or what the people are like. I know what one is, I studied the history behind house music, I even knew how it got its name. I had the information down, but no real life practice, so I was anxious. I was anxious too because Lennon would be there, after I decided to trust him because of my own stubbornness. My own arrogance and need to prove his teasing wrong. I didn't even take myself seriously, how did I expect him to? I was still determined to not run out the door of the burning house I chose as my dwelling. My damn curiosity.

     I stood by the swing, tugging at the bottom of my shirt, biting my lip, two nervous habits I had, maybe from all the anxiety swelling up in my being. I straightened the ends of my hair, did my makeup, wore my best, and for what? I had no one to impress, and I sure as hell wasn't going to let myself fall for Lennon, with his personality I despised. He was probably a lot older anyway, probably at least 17 to my 15 and a half. God I was an idiot, I should turn back before my parents noticed I was gone and sent a search party..

     There he stood, just when I was distracted with worry. He wasn't in what he usually wore. He was in a tee-shirt, with what I guessed was a band name, "Angus and Julia Stone." Along with that he had bleached skinny jeans, with ripped knees, usually a girl trend but they fit him. His arms with covered with bracelets of at least 20 colors, handmade with plastic beads, and letter block beads spelling out things like "find molly" and "PLUR" while I understood neither reference. He had on chunky glasses that reminded me of Clark Kent (I started wondering if Lennon too had a secret life). On the parts of his arms that weren't covered in the bracelets he had bright black light paint in neon colors making stripes up and down. He had similar paint under his glasses, below his eyes like war paint. He didn't look bad per se... How could you when you were so strong looking, with beach hair and constellation eyes? I had to stop myself from staring, to be honest, I broke away when he met my eyes.

     "Wow Echo," he spoke, rubbing the back of his neck with his other hand in his pocket, "Not that you don't look stunning, but it's usually the girls that dress up. It's okay, hey did you bring kandi?"

     I blushed when complimented my looks, I guess I wasn't disappointed that I cleaned myself up. "Uhm, candy? Why would I have candy? That's too much sugar at two in the morning!" I whimpered. He laughed, throwing his head back. "No blondie, wrong candy, it's okay have some of mine." He took a few bracelets off each wrist, picking each of my hands up to dress me in the beads. Electricity shot through my body at the contact and I'm sure my blush turned a shade darker. I mumbled sorry, I didn't know but he just shrugged and grinned, apparently something he did with barely thinking about the action.

     He lead me through his side of the path, but I couldn't make out the unfamiliar surroundings in the dark. He lead me to a car, opening the passenger side door for my. Chivalry isn't dead. After getting in his side, and starting the ignition he said, "Okay Echo, I hope you're ready to start your life." as we rolled around a brick building onto a dirt path.

* Song is Romulus by Sufjan Stevens

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