Tripping Down Memory Lane - Part 2

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The pressure on my mind decreased.

Werewolves. I believed in them? Yes, I did. I was certain about that. There was no disbelief in my mind when I thought about the possibility. I believed in werewolves.

“And there are other such Creatures, some much worse than werewolves, who will try their best to kill you if they ever catch wind of you. You understand?”  A pause then, “Yes daddy.”

It felt like someone had just shoved a hot poker through my head. Unbelievably painful. I just couldn’t catch a break today.

But putting the pain aside, which wasn’t very easy to do, I had another part of the puzzle. I believed in the supernatural, well it wasn’t supernatural for me, I believed in many different Creatures. But which ones?

Werewolves. Definitely.

Witches. Yep.

Vampires. Hmm…that was a tough one. I think so?

Succubae. Same Creature as vampires.

Mermaids. Errm, yes?

Fairies/ Fae. I wish. Nope. Absolutely not.

Ghosts. Debatable.

This was less than useless, I might as well figure out the Creatures I didn’t believe in. There were too many.

But what did this mean, in the bigger picture.

If I believed in the supernatural than so must others. The supernatural to me was a certainty, not stories that I desperately wanted to be true. It is the kind of belief that is backed up with real actual evidence encountered on a daily basis. Like waking up and seeing the sun every day.

If others believed in the supernatural then, using probability, not all of them have good intentions. I had a feeling I was in the cell because of someone’s ‘not good intentions’.

But why?

Why so many chains?

The cogs in my brain began to turn, very slowly, dusty and creaky from disuse. Creatures had been imprisoned here.

Not for the benefits they could bring (e.g. witches making spells) otherwise they would be in separate cells to minimize working together between prisoners to escape and maybe slightly better taken care of to encourage their cooperation.

Not for ransom money else they would have again been better taken care of and they would have also been put in separate cells so they wouldn't know who else was there when/if they were released.

This means these were holding cells, to either keep prisoners in them for a long time or they were kept in here for a while before they were killed.

Even though it sickened me I believed it was the latter, the empty cells and lack of facilities needed for long term use e.g. toilets meant only one thing. People waited here to die.

What crap had I gotten in to now?

Just as my mind began to envision all the gory endings waiting for me the door opened.

Oh shit. I didn’t want to die. I had so many things left to do.

Travel the world, find Ma, get out of hunting.

Oh god. Hunt. I hunted.

Disgusted with myself I had a feeling I knew exactly what I hunted.

That looks just like Jason’s wrists after we had imprisoned him.

Dad had said “He deserved it. His whole kind deserved it. Mindless beasts.”

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