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Right...Left...Jab...Jab...Right Cross...Low Kick

Headphones in my ears listening to Metallica’s-Enter Sandman at the end of my therapy session with the sand bag always made me squeeze that bit extra into it, only right now I was in a small gym near the university I'm just about to graduate from, this meant having to tone down my strength far too much to have any great benefit to myself but anything was better than nothing...see I'm a werewolf...sure your thinking I'm either crazy or a danger to other gym goers, both I assure your I'm not, yes werewolves are real...damn were not even the only type of 'shifter', never mind anything else that goes bump in the night, and as far as a danger to anyone here I'm perfectly domesticated , well mostly, I hate ironing!

Most shifters live quite well with the human population, sure there's sometimes an idiot who gets caught shifting but that kind of thing gets caught and covered up before it even hits the news by the 'council' so the majority of humans are none the wiser of course there are some people who know by some sort a circumstance but on the whole we enjoy our secret. Me on the other hand, I lived a fairly sheltered life before coming to university, my pack was from the Yukon in Canada...Yes ‘The’ Yukon -ice, freezing cold snow and more snow, yep you got it. Living up there was quiet and tranquil I think you’d call it, for a werewolf to live there it was great, no hunting wolves (supernatural or regular), enough space to shift as and when you wanted or needed without fear of being seen and with my parents there to take care of me and train me to become who I am today was all I needed. 

My Mom’s pack was from near the Scottish and English border, anyway her pack was a sort of warrior clan, I was brought up as a fighter throughout my childhood, considering I'm a wolf I already get the normal extra speed, extra strength, increased senses...smell, sight, reflexes etc. Add to those that I'm trained with all sorts of weapons to go with my teeth and claws & I know pretty much that many styles of fighting that I'm just as dangerous in human form than in my wolf form. My father was originally from New York but after his mate died he felt the need for a change of scenary to help forget about her or at least help heal his heart he often said. He ended up in Canada joining his best friend’s pack after almost 5 years of constant begging from him to become his beta he eventually agreed. Mom is the daughter of an alpha and dad was a beta who was often considered strong enough to run a pack if he decided to so I guess strength was guaranteed. Just a pity that they aren’t around any more...

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