172. theres an age gap

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Niall: You nodded anxiously as you waited for Niall to finish talking. "You can go down the elevator first. I'll leave a few minutes later, and I'll go down the stairs just in case," Niall said quickly. "Yeah, I know. I know. We've done this a million times Niall," you reminded him. He nodded before opening the door for you. "Hey Y/N," he said grabbing a hold of your arm before you left, "I love you." He kissed your forehead softly. You smiled slightly before leaving. You walked down the hallway out of Niall's flat. Sometimes I wish I could just tell the whole world about us, sometimes I wish we didn't have to keep this a secret, you said to yourself. Y/N. Stop. You know you can't do that. If anyone else found out about you two, things wouldn't be pretty. You took a deep breath wiping those thoughts away. You had to keep this going, for Niall's sake. Ding! The elevator doors slid open revealing an empty elevator. You walked in leaning against the wall. Thoughts of Niall blew back into your mind. Imagine if you could tell everyone about you two. Things would be so much easier. You wouldn't have to lie to everyone you know, you would have to do all this sneaking around...The doors opened to a bunch of photographers. Camera flashes blinding your vision. "Ugh. It's just a little girl," they said retreating back to their positions. Then you heard a bunch of commotion. "There he is!" "Niall over here!" "Niall!" You saw the way Niall handled the paparazzi so well. He briskly walked through the crowded lobby keeping his head down low. You tried to squeeze past everyone to get out of the door. People clawing at you every step. Somebody scratched your face leaving a deep red scar. "Hey!" you heard a familiar Irish accent yell. Everybody stopped. "Who did this to her?!" he demanded scanning the guilty faces. "Who's this Niall? Your little cousin?" you heard someone snicker. You wanted to crawl into a hole and just disappear from the world. "No," Niall said firmly. "What are you doing?" you mouthed silently to him. "Something I should've done a long time ago," he said aloud reaching for your hand, "There's something you all should know, this is Y/N. My girlfriend."

Zayn: "Two for Pitch Perfect please," Zayn said to the ticket booth man. He nodded before processing the transaction and handing you the tickets. "Thank you," you mumbled before walking to the concession stand. "Get whatever you want Y/N," he said pulling out his wallet once again. "No it's fine Zayn. I don't need anything. We just ate dinner, which you also treated me to," you reminded him. "No. Y/N. Get whatever you want. I'm your boyfriend and I will pay for whatever you want," he said. "Okay then I'll have one medium popcorn, a large drink, and some Red Vines," you said to the lady at the desk. She struggled to keep up with your order. You looked at Zayn who was laughing. You blushed, "Oh-oh was that too much? I'm sorry I can-" he cut you off. "It's fine," he said sweetly, "I can share with you." After getting your food and drink you went into the theatre. You and Zayn liked to sit way in the back where no one could bother you, but it was really crowded today since it was the premiere of the movie. You scanned for empty seats. "Mm what about there?" you said pointing to two seats in the middle of the theatre. He shrugged and plopped some popcorn in his mouth, "Sure." You made your way through the rows of girls. It only took moments for them to realize that Zayn Malik was in the same movie as them. Screaming and crying began, pounding your ears. The whole credits, Zayn was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. You sat down alone chomping on your Red Vines. "Woo sorry Y/N. The fans wanted to take pictures and stuff," he said. "It's fine," you said understanding, and brushing away the jealousy. Throughout the whole movie the fans talked to Zayn, completely oblivious to you. They would be taking pictures of him and whispering things in his ear. He didn't even seem to mind. You were starting to get really annoyed when you heard someone say, "How about you ditch the kid and come home with me?" That did it. You smashed your popcorn onto the ground before storming out of the theatre. "Y/N! Y/N!" you heard Zayn call as he chased you out of the cinema. You were on the curb ready to call a taxi. "What?" you asked angrily. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I'm gonna go home. Since you much rather spend time with those girls. The prettier, more beautiful, taller, older girls," you said not making eye contact with him. "That's not true! I'm so sorry Y/N. I didn't know you felt this way. You can't let them get to you," Zayn said. "But how am I supposed to ignore it?! Any of them would be better than me. I'm too young to make you happy. Hell, I'm not even old enough to see that movie!" you cried. "Nobody. Y/N. Nobody is better than you," he said pulling you in close to him. You felt his warm breath against your cheek as he kissed it softly. "What do you say we go back to my flat and watch a movie there, alone," he suggested. You nodded grinning, "I would like that."

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