Family Reunion

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Today is the day,

People crowd around

Like swarms of bees

Flapping their wings

Flying from one flower to another

In a vast field of

Tulips, roses, lilies and dandelions

The annoying buzz

Of their wings

As they swarm around you

Your arms swishing

Like long branches

On a windy day

Zipping in and out of these bees

Trying to avoid the occasional sting

To find a hole to hide in

Until you smell sweet honey

You rush out of your hole

Dodging the batting wings

And buzzing, buzzing

Constantly surrounding, everywhere you go

When the coast is clear

You rush to take in your fill

Then weave your way back

To your hole

The sun is setting

Only low hums can be heard

Bees returning to the nest

As the sky darkens

Violet, blue, red, pink

Painting the sky with colours

Revealing millions of firefly’s

Twinkling in the sky

The air is crisp, calm

The sky dark

All is quite

You let out a long awaited sigh.


my attempt at a peom (which i had done in school) when i reread it made me cringe so bad, i know how terrible this poem is.

p.s it doesn't rhyme

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