chapter 2

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We were walking to the beach when Harry’s phone went off

‘’2 minutes Jodie’’ he said pulling his phone out of his pockets


‘’hello?...yeah…all of us are going to the beach…yes mum!...i’ll call you later…love you to bye’’

I went on my phone till harry was finished

‘’sorry about that it was my mum’’ he said with a smile

‘’it’s okay’’ I said

We then started making our way to the beach.


When we arrived at the beach we saw everybody walking towards us when Louis ran and gave me a hug, he always does that, its cute

I hug him back and say hi to everyone

When I felt myself getting dragged by my hand by Harry

‘’come on’’ he said

I nodded and ran onto the sand with him. We made our way to a warm spot on the beach,

Liam and Sophia shared a towel

Niall and Molly shared a towel

Louis and Eleanor shared a towel

 Zayn and Perrie shared a towel

Oh shit! I forgot to bring Harry a spare towel, oops!

I felt a strong hand on my sholder

‘’jodie is it ok if I share a towel with you?’’ harry asked and smiled as he looked down at his feet

‘’uh… ok’’ I said making my cheeks turn red

everybody then took off their clothes to reveal their swimwear apart from Harold

Harry then went over to Liam to get his shorts that where in a bag and went to the changing part

A few minutes later Harry came out in his pink shorts making all of us laugh

‘’really Liam’’ Harry said with a embarrassed face, to be honest he does look nice with the pink shorts and all of his tattoo’s

‘’you look nice’’ I blurted out my thought’s making me regret that

‘’thanks’’ Harry said smiling while walking over to me

‘’someone’s got a crush!’’ Zayn say’s

‘’no we-‘’ I got cut off by Harry

‘’no were just friend’s Zayn’’ Harry said angrily , somehow making me feel hurt inside

‘’LAST ONE TO THE WATER IS A ROTTEN EGG!!!’’ Louis screams and ran down to the water

Followed by Liam then Eleanor then Niall then Perrie then Molly then Harry then Me then Zayn then Sophia


‘’SOPHIA YOU’RE A ROTTEN EGG!’’ Louis shouts

This water is freezing!!!

‘’shut up!’’ Sophia said like she was pissed off

This is gonna be a long day I think to myself


It was now 7:58pm and everybody was cuddled up sitting on the sand watching the sunset apart from me and Harry, what’s wrong with him?, it was awkward, its never really felt awkward before what’s happening to me?.

We all packed up and got ready to go home

Me and Harry said our goodbye’s and Harry walked me home


We arrived at my house and walked up to my door, it was silent the whole way here

‘’today was fun’’ I broke the silence

‘’yeah it was, well I’ll see you tomorrow?’’

‘’are you okay Harry?’’

‘’yeah just got a sore head’’ he smiled

‘’okay’’ I went in for a hug but he just turned away and started walking


I opened my door and slammed it shut

‘’are you okay?’’ I hear my mum say from the kitchen

‘’yeah just tired’’ I said and with that I walked up stairs and into my bedroom

Honestly what have I done?

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