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Liam's prov

I was about to head out for a couple of days with my parents when Louis comes running up to me. "Can I please come with you pretty pretty pretty pretty please." He said with his best puppy face. "No babe." I say giving him a kiss. You see That Lilo is true and so is Narry. Zayn I also gay but he is dating a guy named Justin. "I will see you in 4 days ok." I say giving him another kiss. "ok." He says with a sad face. I give him one more kiss before I head out.


*4 Days Later*

"Babe I'm back!" I called. "LIAMMMMMMMMMMM!!" I hear a scream from somewhere in the house. All the sudden Louis comes barreling around the corner and jumps in my arms. He kisses me. "Why don't we take this upstairs?" Louis says. I pick him up and walk up. We lay down and I kiss him again. I get on top of him. I take of my and his shirt. I leave kisses all down his body. He lets out a moan. I take his and my pants off. I palm him through his underwear. He lets out a loud moan. I take my underwear off as a strip tease. He groans. "Liam DONT tease me!" I rip off his underwear. I thrust in to him. He winces. I thrust harder and faster each time. Our moans fill the room. All the sudden he shoots all over our chest. I reach my climax and shoot into him. I lay down next to him. "Well that was a way to say hello." I laugh. "The best way." he says laughing.


Louis prov (9 months later)

Remember that affair me and Li had well I am 9 months pregnant and overdue. I am only over due by 3 days but I still want this thing out of me. "Lou? Where are you babe?" "I'm in here baby." I yell out. He walked into the living room. "There you are." Liam says giving me a kiss. I smile up at him. He sits down next to me and I snuggle up to him right away. I started felling water come down my legs. I scream. Liam jumps up. "What's wrong!" He shouts freaking out. "Im in labor!" I say. "Liam FUCK IM NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. I'm not ready for this Liam." I say as I bawl my eyes out!" "It ok baby just breath."Liam says as he lays me on the bed. He pulls my pants down to my ankles. "Ok baby next time push." The next contraction hit I screamed and pushed down as hard as I could. "I see the head babe keep going!" Liam cheers. I push down again. screaming my head off. "3 more pushes baby." Liam says happily. I push down. "God damn it Liam you did this to me!"I scream pushing down again. "One more Lou one more." "UGGGGGGHHHHH!" I scream as I push down. The baby slips in to Liam's arms. "Its a...... boy!" "OH MY GOD Liam that is our baby boy!" I squeal. "Yeah it is. what's his name?" "Zach Andrew Panye." I say smiling down at Zach. "I love it." He says giving my a kiss.

Hello peoples sorry I haven't updated in a long time I have been really busy lately with school and now going every where like places without internet. so I am very sorry

love you

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