Felix's/Pewdie's P.O.V


"I still feel bad about yesterday" I looked over to Cry with sympathetic eyes. His eyes darted to mine as he groaned. "Don't remind me" He covered his face with his hands. I pulled myself closer to him. "But it was a douche move" I pulled his hands away from his face. He looked deeps into my eyes. "Yes, but I tricked you as well" He corrected. I frowned. "True, but you are going through this whole change thing and I should have known a move like that would trigger something" I rolled myself on my side on the mattress. He didn't say anything. I suddenly felt even worse.

"Come here" I pulled my arms around his head, embracing him with all my love. He lied his head on my chest. "I love you so much and I hope you know that" I kissed the top of his head to make this moment even sweeter. I felt his head nod a yes. "I know and I love you too" I looked down at him as he spoke. "Good. Forever and always?"I playfully glared at him."Forever and always until he day I die" He answered back with a chuckle. I smiled as I brought him into a kiss. 


"But we're already awake" I scoffed as I propped myself up on my elbows. I looked to my side to find Cry laying on his back with his arms wrapped behind his head, supporting it as he stare at the ceiling. He smiled. "I know" was his answer. I rolled my eyes hearing the smirk in his voice. "Then why not go downstairs" I questioned, turning on my side. He did as well.

"I liked it up here" Ryan stated, starring into my eyes as I let out a light breath. I starred back into his eyes, still trying to understand the man I have come to love over the years, the man I never knew I needed until the last minute. I never thought of him to mean so much to me, so much that....I had no words to describe my need. He was too magnificence to describe with words. Only heavens wishes and words could describe my ever lasting passion for him.

"Don't you like it downstairs?" I brought myself to ask him as he drew his hand from behind his head, letting it fall along with the blanket revealing his upper body, covered with faint marks of red.I smiled seeing the sight I had caused. He looked up at my expression, then down at his chest. "Of coarse, but I like it up here better" He hardened his last words as he pushed my head away from his direction. Pulling the blanket over himself again. I laughed at everything he did.

"Hey" I chuckled out the words as I turned to face him again. I took hold of his wrist, pinning it to the side so I could get access to lay above him. "Felix" He warned my name as he tried to pull himself out of my grip. I didn't bother to laugh as I closed the gap between us, lusting for him more then ever. I felt so attracted to him right now. I wanted and needed him so badly. "Sshhhh" I hushed him as I placed my finger on his lips, not letting him speak as I let my lips drag themselves down to his chest.

I ignored his protest,pulling the blanket down tot reveal his chest. I smiled as I sat up on his waist and arms. He flailed around, trying to push me away. "Don't hide form me" I spoke gentle words to him as my cheeks grew a light shape of red. I pulled the blanket all the way down, starring at the perfect image of him. I had to hold back every fiber in my body to stop myself from just having my way with him right there and then. I held in everything that caused me to just kiss him right now and let the hours pass by in one hot, sticky mess. The urged to make him moan, just to hear his squeals of joy. I would do anything right now to just let him feel pleasure run through his body.

"Come on" He sat up a little. Pressing his forehead to mine, only making in harder for me to resist. "Lets go home. Now" I suggested with force. We really needed to go home. I needed to get him home. Although....... I don't exactly need a room. We have a car with us and that's enough. 


"Goodbye, Mother"  watched as Ryan pulled him Mother into a bear hug. He let go of her and as tear ran down her face. "I love you so much and wish the best for you" His Mother looked up at Ryan with loving eyes. She really did want the best for him, and hopefully I could provide that. 

"Thank you,Mother. I love you too and hope you guys live well" He hugged his Mother again before pulling away. They exchanged a few more words, but then I started to get inpatient and a little anxious.

He then turned to his brother as he spoke. "Tyler, I want you to remember everything I told you yesterday" Ryan placed his hands on his brother's shoulders. Tyler nodded. "Good. I love you, baby bro." He hugged him with all his might. I smiled at the sight of brotherly love. I kind of wish I had a brother. I only have a sister and we were never really close. There was just such a huge age gap that I guess we never really connected. I guess it was never meant to be.

Whispers of love and well being were exchanged here and there as I watched Ryan with his family. But this time one finally push was given and they said their good byes. Leaving me and Ryan to walk to the car, well I was going a little faster then walking, some may call it sprinting, but really we don't need to emphasize on it.


We got home quickly. I mean I drove as fast as I could.

"Go, Go" I ordered Ryan out of the car as I pulled his wrist. "What are you doing?" His other hand held a couple books he had gotten yesterday at the mall. "I-I don't- I heard there w-as a......robbery. Yes I heard someone got robbed an-and the person hasn't been caught" I stuttered out a sentence I made put together. "What, no" He looked at me confused. I rolled my eyes and pulled him into the house. The car door shut when I kicked it and then I locked it.

"Felix wh-" I cut him off as I pushed him against the wall. I shut the front door and started pulling off our jackets. I looked into his eyes lustfully. "You said yesterday that when we got home that I could do anything I wanted to you" I forced my knee in between his leg. Pressing it against his crotch. He whined as I did so. "F-Felix" He called my name as I brushed my body against him. His eyes shut as I crashed my lips to his. 


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