Drama in the Dorms

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Chapter 7


It's Sunday, 12pm. There's a knock at the door. I pipe up "who is it?" And turn off my Xbox 1 and look through the peep hole. It's Ryan. "Uhh, what do you want Ryan ?" "Just let me in weirdo" he replied. I quickly texted Maya before I opened it. I opened the door slightly but knowing Ryan, he pushed me onto the bean chair and barged in. Ryan was quite big and masculine. You wouldn't even think of crossing his path that is, if you were like me. "Look nerd, I found out you were getting a new roommate. So I guess this is officially good bye" he gave me a man hug and walked away.

Maya came only seconds after he left. Kassia came stumbling after her. "WHATS WRONG?" Maya shouted. "Zane.You look fine. Let's go Maya. " Kassia commented. "Nononononono Kassia, were staying here!"said maya. Kassia groaned. "So what's up lover boy" she said sarcastically. My face turned red and I turned to Maya. "Um, ah, eh.." "Kassia, wait out side please" Maya ordered. Kassia stood up and stomped away. "So what's up" Maya said. "Well it's not really a big thing. I thought it was at the time but it's not honestly." I replied. "You sure?" "Yeh yeh I'll be fine" I smiled. "Well don't do that to me again." She picked up the pillow and hit me lightly with it. They left.

I heard a card be inserted into the door. "Hey. I guess I'm your new room mate. My names Daxton, what's yours?" He said. I looked at him up and down. He looked pretty normal. Short blonde hair, a diesel tshirt and denims. He also had really cool Nike Roshue's on too. "Nice sneaks" I said. "Hey thanks".

This is your chance. Make a friend. Act cool before anyone else says different. "So you play xbox?" "Yeh I do actually." "What games" "Um, stuff like Assasins Creed, left 4 dead , grand theft auto, that kinda stuff. You?" "I play assassins creed too" "cool" I leave the room and let him set up. I text Maya and Zara to meet me at the tables

Maya comes first, followed by Sarah next to her, then Zara, then last but not least, Kassia. She really doesn't like me. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I like Maya so much. I just want to avoid anything bad happening with her. I'm quite afraid of her gift. I could die if she uses it!

"Hey Zane" Sarah said. "Hey guys. Daxton moved in today."

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