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"How do you feel?"


"Hmmm... well I'm no healer... but let me see what I can do..."

Hermione lifted herself up from the floor and slinked her way up his long, lean legs to straddle his lap. The plush armchair was wide enough for her to settle her knees either side of his thighs and she draped her arms lazily on top of his broad shoulders.

Her fingers danced at the back of his neck, playing with the tendrils of hair that rested there, as she cocked her head to the side in a considering manner.

"What about this?" She said as she leaned down to touch her own lips with his.

The kiss was soft and lingering but she had pulled away before Remus had had a chance to respond.

His eyes widened in surprise but now keen to the game she was playing he felt only the need to partake in her 'healing'.

She didn't wait for a response to her question and lent in almost immediately again. "Or this?" she asked, tilting her head in another direction, angling the kiss to the opposite side of his mouth.

Again the kiss was soft and sweet, and just as Remus' lips moved against hers she pulled away, a knowing smile curving her pink lips.

Denied, Remus growled, his hands lifting to cup her buttocks and pull her into him.

She yelped in playful surprise, her small hands gripping his larger shoulders to steady her upper half.

This time it was Remus to initiate the kiss, hard and powerful, full of lust, his tongue demanding access to the full extent of her mouth.

Once satisfied, he allowed her to collapse into his embrace, her head resting on his shoulder and his hands moving up to stroke her back affectionately.

"How was the ball?" He asked after a long moment of silence.


Christmas came and passed.

James' parents had gone away for the holidays and so, not wanting to be separated, the boys had all chosen to stay at the castle.

Hermione was glad for the company, keeping her distracted in a time that she would usually have spent with her own family.

Sirius had questioned at one point about her returning home to her 'family' for the holidays, and not wanting to lie about the 'parents' Dumbledore had given her but about who she knew nothing about she had deflected the question, replying that she would still be with family because she had her 'Uncle Albus' there.

However, since this parental/holiday conversation Remus, to Hermione's endless frustration, had suddenly decided to become more distant.

At first she had been worried that he had been suspicious of her answer and for days was sure that he was on the verge on confronting her about her deception.

But the holidays passed without confrontation, or anything else she would add bitterly as the days passed and the emptied girls' dormitory remained to be not taken advantage of.

Just when Hermione had been sure that she had found someone that she truly cared for and (she had thought) cared for her back things had seemed to taken a step back. Remus and Hermione had only shared kisses but the passion and lust had been escalating to a point where Hermione was sure that soon one of them would soon break their chasteness. And just when Hermione had mentally prepared herself for that enviable point in their relationship, when she had been in fact looking forward to it, and hoping for Remus to take the initiative, he suddenly seemed disinterested.

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