I walked into the student council room and sighed.

"What are you morons doing!? I leave the room for five minutes and come back to you five reading the confiscated magazines!" I yelled. The student council members jumped out of their skins, dropping the magazines on the floor. Only one of them was doing her job, but that's probably because other than me, she was the only girl in the council and probably wasn't interested in confiscated magazines.

Her name was Olivia, and she had shoulder length blond hair with green eyes. She was busy reading a history book.

"I didn't think that you liked history, Olivia." I said, sitting down at my desk with a stack of paperwork.

"I don't. I'm studying for a test. By the way, I did tell those nimrods not to, but they're to stupid to listen to me." Olivia replied. Olivia was one of the few council members I didn't want to strangle all the time.

"Alright, well if you need me, let me know." I said, starting the paperwork. I got through it pretty quickly, but the other student council members had come in just as I finished. They looked at me in shock, like, 'you're still here?' I nodded.

I then walked out of the student council room to see if anyone was causing trouble. I patrol the halls everyday, and there's always trouble. It's kind of annoying, but it's better than being bored or getting in trouble myself. That's when I walked by a boy with unnatural looking hair. His hair was pitch black with small white streaks, his eyes a piercing hazel color that was almost yellow. He was wearing a black hoodie and dark jeans, and his left ear had a piercing in it. His hair and earring were not allowed on school premises.

"Why are you wearing a piercing on school property? And what's up with your hair? Exotically dyed hair isn't allowed either." I said calmly. I didn't recognize him, but I knew he wasn't a new transfer.

"My hair is natural." His voice was almost considered deep, and seemed to purr as he spoke.

"How is that natural? Sure your roots are the same color, but there are tricks to dying it like that!" My voice rose only barely, but enough to let him know I meant it.

"It's natural. I can take out the piercing, but my hair is natural." His voice was the same as it had been before. He took out the piercing like he said, but it still didn't believe his hair was natural. I was getting nowhere with this debate.

"Fine, but if someone else yells at you for it, it's not my fault." I said this as calmly as I could.

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