Chapter Two

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My therapist said I shouldn't drink coffee. His name's Doctor Pill, apparently it sounds a lot like some Doctor celebrity on this show for crazy people and situations. I don't know if that's something to brag about or to be shameful about.

Kayla had already left the dorm and the innocent eighteen year old was left alone unpacking her boxes, hoping Dad would arrive soon. Growing up it wasn't easy not having a mom, and awkward having a man explain a period, or worse go bra shopping. Arianna and her father were really close, but he was rarely around. He worked at the airlines, flying people from all over the world. So it was always really Kayla's job to be the adult, Arianna just couldn't do it. The more Arianna thought about it though, the more she realized her dad wasn't much of a dad. His call seemed so rushed, as if he had something more important than talking to his own daughters. She shook the thought of, her father was a good, caring man who does what he can. Then again, when was the last time he showed up to one of the girl's birthday's? He actually forgot their birthdays last year. The thought of this was to much for her to handle,"Stop!" She yelled at the top of her lungs," Stop it, shut up! Shut up, shut up!" She panted trying to catch some air. She threw herself back on her bed (which she hadn't finished preparing) and breathed. I just need to calm down. There was a nice coffee place down the street, she'd get a hot chocolate, come back and everything would be fine. No It wouldn't, hot chocolate and ice cream can't solve everything.

She held a book in her hand, she waited patiently for her hot chocolate to be prepared. Attack on Titan, she never got bored of that comic. "Order twenty one!" She walked up and picked the coffee cup,"That'll be four dollars and thirty two cents." The sales boy said kindly.

"Here you go." She handed him back the money.

"Are you new? I've never seen you on campus."

"Oh yeah, I am."

"Oh, well I'm Troy." He smiled.

"Arianna." She exclaimed.

The boy had brunette hair and nice brown eyes. He had touches of blond highlights here and there. Average weight, a little more than average  maybe.

"Well, I hope you like it." He waved. She would've waved back if it weren't for a cup, a book and a wallet in her hands.

She sat back down and enjoyed the slightly too sugary beverage. 

Her favorite character was dying, she never got bored in this book. She was filled with adrenaline, forgetting her surrounding when, ding ! - A text message, it was Kayla.

Kayla: hey

Arianna: What is up my human friend?

Kayla: dads comin over in an hour

Arianna: Could you possibly use proper capitalization, grammar and spelling? 

Kayla: no!1!!!1

Arianna: *rolls eyes*

Kayla: i dont think im gonna b able to hang out with dad and you that much

Arianna: Why not?

Kayla: theres a party for the new students. i wanna meet some people.

Arianna: There's plenty of time to meet new people, why now?

Kayla: com on! liten up

Arianna: No, it's unfair that you spend our first day of college with a bunch of drunk colleges.

Kayla: by and they wont b drunk

Arianna: "By" is a sexual orientation. Yes they will be drunk! Then you'll develop a habit and you'll have to go to rehab!!!

Kayla: Bye

Arianna put her phone back in her purse and headed for her dorm. She opened the door and there stood her new roommate,"Oh my." Her eyes widened at the frightening sight.

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