When a woman loves GxG

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I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was late for school and when I came into the class room she was sitting in my seat unknowingly.

As soon as I walked in we locked eyes. I felt something that I usually don't feel and of course when I saw her I thought she was a boy.

I swiftly walked up to her and stood in front of the desk not having the courage to look at her or the girls surrounding her. Instead, my eyes fell into place at her lips. Those sexy pink lips.

"Your in my seat"

I said trying to stay cool as i watched a smile form on her lips before she licked them slowly and slickly got up from my seat.

When she stood up my vision shifted to her neck because it was at my eye level

"My bad, no one told me" she said with a smile watching me sit and smooth out my skirt.

A girl moved for her and she sat beside me and I could feel her looking at me.

"So what's your name?" She finally spoke after realizing she had been staring at me.

"Melanie" I said pretend to do my work.

I wasn't use to anyone flirting with me. I have always been the innocent girl. I was the one who got all her work done and was on the principals list for the honor roll. I had one crazy friend and one emotional friend. I almost always wore skirt and dresses and I always went straight home after school and never lied about where I have been.

She smiled before biting her lip "you can call me jay" her words were smooth and refreshing and I instantly knew I liked her.

I thought she was a boy

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