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Ok I've decided to change this story up a bit, I am going to write this story in 3rd person from now on. It just makes more sense and is a lot easier to keep up with so yeah. Just thought that I would say something so that no one got confused.


Feeling emotional was something Louis had experienced before, of course, but it was never quite this intense. breaking up with his first -and only- girlfriend didn't even effect him as much as his nervousness did now (although it is understandable considering that he never actually liked her, or girls at all for that matter). And Louis didn't like this at all, his hands wouldn't stop shaking, and he couldn't even try to form a sentence without blubbering like an idiot.

He was told that his first day of college would be easy, and that he had nothing to worry about but Louis was starting to think that maybe they just said that because they wanted his money. He hadn't been this nervous for his freshman year, so he was a bit confused as to why this year was any different, and then it hit him. His mother had been with him last year, helping him move into his dorm. The memory of his very first dorm-mate made him cringe, he should have known that something was not right with that guy. So, yes, he semi- blamed himself for his mothers death but he is going to suck it up and stop thinking about it because he doesn't want to go to college with a tear stained face.

Louis reached to turn the radio on, cringing when he heard the sound of some shitty heavy metal band because, my god how is that screeching even considered music. He turned the dial until he was content with the station he chose, leaning back in his chair and letting out a big sigh.

"only two more hours Louis, den it's time to party" niall said while pumping his fist in the air. Right, only two more hours of driving in his small stuffy car and then he'd be starting his sophomore year of college.


Louis' dad set down the last box on the bed in the left corner of the room, seeing as the second they walked into the room niall set his dirty socks on the bed claiming that 'if it smells you wont want it'. Louis didn't feel the need to ask how he even got his socks and shoes off that fast, so he just settled for the bed in the left corner.

"whelp, you're all settled now so I guess I'll get going" Robert said as he closed the door.

"bye dad" Louis murmured as he moved the box from his bed so that he could lay down, exhausted from that days events. He looked up from his pillow seeing niall putting his socks and shoes back on.

"Come on dude, we are going out exploring the campus" Louis constricted his urge to scoff, not seeing a need to 'explore' the campus.

"niall, we both went here last year there is no need to go around the campus, looking for where things are when we already know exactly where they are."

"yeah, well then you can stay here, but I'm going to look for some people to hang out with, you know, so maybe we can have friends besides each other this year."


So, Niall had a good point and now Louis was in a dilemma. There was a breathtakingly beautiful boy standing in front of him and Louis was a million and one percent sure he looked like a worn out hermit. He had the option of just turning back into his room, but he didn't want to look strange in front of all these -two- new people, nor did he want to deprive himself of the sight of this beautiful boys face. If looks could kill niall would be so dead right now. He just had to choose that moment to walk out of the door, and Liam and Harry, Louis is pretty sure that's what he caught their names as, just had to walk through their door at the exact same moment.

Louis looked away from niall, only to look up and catch the stare of those beautiful green eyes. Louis looked away, bashful and blushing feeling something like familiarity stirring in his stomach. He felt someone flicking his beanie-clad head which he assumed could only be niall, so he looked up shooting daggers at niall.

"what do you want, you lint licker" Louis didn't know why he was so mad, but maybe he did because a certain green-eyed boy was still watching him with amusement evident in his eyes.

"I was just going to ask if ya wanted to com down to the court with us mr. tooty fruit" Niall was slightly chuckling at his friend who was blushing like crazy at the ground.

"yeah yeah ok"

Down at the 'social court' all four boys sat under a tree, blocking themselves from the sun. It was actually quite cold outside, all of the boys wearing sweaters, but the sun still felt the need to blind them through the clouds.

"so this is fun." Louis isn't sure who said it, because he was too busy watching the way that the slight breeze blew harry's hair around making watching him extremely amusing. The latter kept bring his hand up to brush his hair back into place but every time he put his hand back down, his hair would become messed up again. Louis laughed when harry let out a huff as a bunch of his hair fell straight onto his face. Harry was sitting across from him, cris cross applesauce, and when he heard louis laugh he looked up at him. They made eye contact and louis' breath was literally taken away by the intensity harry's eyes held.

But louis realized it was only him who made the situation tense once harry's eyes turned playful.

"you think that's funny louis?" liam and niall were now paying attention to the interaction finding it funny. Louis on the other hand, was slightly shaking and couldn't think of anything to say. He was definitely not ready for this interaction, but everyone was looking at him with expectant eyes, waiting for him to say something.

"uh...yeah?" it came out as a question and just looking at the way harry was looking at him -seemingly not amused- made louis think he was loosing his mind. Louis knew he was in for some deep shit when he saw Niall wink at him knowingly and then looking up to see harry crawling towards him. And about three seconds later his assumption proved to be correct when harry's fingers were tickling his sides and louis was giggiling like a mad man. Harry thought it was adorable.


So there is the second chapter! hope whoever read this enjoyed it :) it was a bit rushed but I just really wanted to get this up since i only have one week of spring break left and yeah.

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