Chapter 4

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*Niall's PoV*

The concert was amazing, as always. London was extremely loud, which made us loud too. Usually with concert I forget most of the things on my mind. But this is one I couldn't.

I couldn't get Lyla off my mind.

I knew she was backstage watching us. Which made my urge to go and hug her greater.

The first time Louis introduced us to Lyla was 6 months ago. That was also when he said she would be joining us for tour.

From the moment I saw her it thought she was absolutely beautiful. But as time passed I have slowly fallen in love with her.

I don't know how to tell her or Louis about this. I was worried if I told Louis he'd, first, hate my guts and second, send Lyla back home.

The concert ended and the lads and I ran off stage. Where we found Lyla with her arms open for a hug. First hugging Louis, then Liam, Zayn, Harry, then finally me. With each hug she said 'Good Job'.

I embraced her for a long time. I noticed Harry signaling for me to come along. But I did want to so I flipped him off. Everyone else had gone to the tour bus and we were left there.

"Good job Nialler," she said standing on her tip toes to kiss my cheek.

When she lowered, I looked down at her with a smile. She was also already smiling. That was the first time she'd ever done something like that before to me.

Still hugging ,I joked,"Maybe next time that could be a kiss on the lips."

Her cheeks were engulfed in flames of red. That made me smile bigger. I started to walk away when I noticed Lyla was hobbling along side me.

Without asking I just picked her up and gave her a piggy-back ride. And that's how we walked to the bus.

*Louis PoV*

Everyone was on the bus but Lyla and Niall. I needed to talk to both of them but since they were here I decide to talk to the lads.

"Guys have you noticed anything different with Niall?" I asked.

They looked at each other, contemplating on what to say. Finally Zayn spoke up.

"I, well, we think Niall has a crush on your sister,"

Everything went silent. My mouth dropped open. How had been so dumb? It was obvious!

I knew I need to talk to him as soon as possible. I decide against for now, due to the lack of sleep and how late it was. I told the lads I was going to sleep. None of them questioned me which I was thankful for.


I woke up to the sound of my phone alarm. It was only 6 a.m. but the day was going to be busy.

We had about three things to do today in a 12-hour time limit. We had another concert today which meant rehearsals. We also had an interview today so we would have to leave rehearsals for that.

I am always the first one up so it is my job to wake the others. I found a good method to get them to wake up.

I went around to each of them saying 'Wake up' then slapping them firmly on the face. Their eyes immediately opened as they got up. Worked every time.

All the boys were up and dressed and we headed off to rehearsals with only coffee and toast in out hands to eat.

We practiced a good half an hour before we were hauled off to a studio to be interviewed.

I stepped in the car and saw Lyla in the front seat. She must have just woken up due to her eyes being closed and she a had on sweats.

"Good morning Lou," she said groggily.

"Good morning," I replied.

The others got in the car behind me and we were off. The studio was 25 minuets away from where we were at.

We got out and headed in. But before I entered I asked Paul to get Lyla and watch over her, and he did so.

We half way through our interview when the interviewer asked a question that sparked my attention.

"Okay, would you guys allow your sisters to date anyone in the band?" The lady asked.

"No way," Zayn, Liam and I said in sync.

"And what about you Harry?"

"My sister with anyone in the band? absolutely not." Harry replied.

I "just so happened" to look over at Niall, who had a worried look on his face. Then I looked over at Lyla who was standing next to Paul, and she was looking at the ground.

The lady continued to ask us more questions. All which we've been asked before, like:

How did you get the band name One Direction?


Which one of you are in a relationship at the moment?


How many siblings do you have?

Nothing new. That's why I hate going to these things. Half the questions we've already answered in a previous interview.

We finally finished up and head back to the arena. Where hours of practicing laid ahead.


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