171. You Had A One Night Stand And He Got You Pregnant

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Harry : You felt eyes boring into your back. People can be so judgemental. They didn't know anything. They all needed to stop acting like they did. You were old enough to be in this aisle. You weren't a child, you were an adult. An adult who made a grave mistake. You went out with some friends on your birthday and you ended up in bed with a handsome man with curly hair and piercing green eyes that look into your soul. You'd be lying if you said you never stopped thinking about him or that night. It was different than any other one night stand you'd ever had. You felt like if you didn't see him again your life would be empty. Now, life wasn't quite so empty. You now found yourself in the store picking up your fifth pregnancy test. You quickly took it off the shelf and turned to quickly go and buy the stupid thing. You stopped when you saw the familiar head of hair and the green eyes that were edged in your mind. He must have noticed you two because he smiled and walked over. "Hello Y/N," he smiled and nodded. You couldn't believe it. He remembered your name! "Harry," you breathed. You hadn't realized you dropped the box until you saw Harry bend down to pick it up. Before you could protest he already stood up and was staring you down. "I-I thought we were fine but I guess we weren't and now-" you rambled as you felt tears stream down your cheek. "Shh, it's okay," he stepped forward and enveloped you in a hug. "We can do this, we can raise this child together, I won't let you go through it alone," he soothed while pressing a kiss to your forehead.

Niall : A few days after having a one night stand you ran into Niall Horan, the boy you had a one night stand with himself. You guys became friends afterwards and concluded that that night was meant to be forgotten and it was a mistake. He was spending the day at your house and decided to make you your home made breakfast. That morning you couldn't think. Your period was late, you were feeling moody, you were so hungry you could eat a horse and you were beginning to gain some weight. Niall never made any comments on those things even though they were very noticeable which made you really enjoy having him as a friend. Niall set the plate down in front of you giving you an award winning smile. You tried one bite and began to feel it come back up. Your hand shot up to cover your mouth and you immediately ran to the bathroom. You felt a hand hold your hair back and another one rub soothing circles on your back. "I didn't know my cooking was that bad," he joked trying to make you feel better. "Oh my god," you whispered. The mood swings, the hunger, the weight gain, morning sickness... You were pregnant! "Niall I think I'm pregnant," you mumbled. Niall's face went white and he gulped, "a-am I the father?" he stuttered. You nodded slowly and Niall sighed shutting his eyes. "We'll make it through this. I promise you we will. I won't leave you," he said looking deep into your eyes. You nodded and he helped you clean yourself up and you both spent the day pondering on how you will tell your parents.

Liam : You weren't sure if it was considered a one night stand if you were both best friends and it happened when you were both drunk, but it did. You'd be lying if you said you didn't cry about it the next day because you did want Liam like that, but not in a drunken state. Now, you had more things piling up for you to hide from him. You had to hide your feelings for him, how much you enjoyed that night and now that you were pregnant. You took pregnancy tests, you went to the doctor and everything came back positive. You hadn't told anyone but your mother and she had been nothing but supportive. She was constantly nagging you to tell Liam but you just couldn't bring yourself to do it. "Honey, you have to tell him. That's his child!" your mother sighed. "Mom I can't. He doesn't even love me the same way I love him, what if he doesn't want the child," you buried your face in your hands. "Your pregnant?" you heard a voice ask from behind you. You turned around to see Liam standing in the kitchen doorway. "Who's the father?" his face darkened and before you could open your mouth to speak he slammed a fist on the counter, "Who knocked you up?" he asked sternly. Your mother patted his shoulder and left the kitchen so you two could talk it out. You looked down and when you looked back up Liam's face softened. "Who is it babe," he asked again in a softer tone. "It doesn't even matter Liam, why do you care?" you were saying all the wrong things and you knew it. "I care because some ass hole knocked up the girl I love!" he yelled and your jaw dropped. He was now breathing heavily and you stepped closer to him, "you love me?" you whispered. "Y-yes," he stuttered. "You're the father," you finally mumbled. His face immediately went expressionless, "Oh," he breathed. "Oh and I love you too," you added after a moment. "We're old enough for this. We aren't teenagers any more. We are adults who are going to be parents," Liam finally said letting all the news sink in. His face finally settled into a happy expression and he enveloped you in a hug pressing kisses all over your face. "I'm not an ass hole," he then added remembering what he had said earlier making you laugh.

Zayn : You can't say that you didn't look everywhere for him. You went back to the bar where you first met, to his favourite store you remember him mentioning, you searched the phone book but this man seemed impossible to find. What were you going to do? You needed him. This was all your fault. You were stupid and you had a one night stand with another stupid person and ended up creating something definitely not stupid. You wished you could go back and not do what you did. You should have stayed home. You shouldn't have gone out. You wished you didn't drink. You decided to go for a walk to take your mind off of things. You entered the bakery because you were in the mood for a cupcake when you saw a familiar figure. "Zayn?" you called and you saw the man turn around and look around the shop before his eyes settled on you. It took a moment but the recognition finally settled in his eyes and he walked towards you awkwardly. "Uh hi Y/N," he nodded and you rolled your eyes. "We need to talk," you said lowering your voice. He nodded and let you drag him to the back of the store so you could have some privacy. "I'm pregnant," you blurted out immediately. He took a sharp intake of breath and didn't say anything. "If you're going to walk away-" you started but he interrupted you, "Are you crazy? I'm not walking away from this. That's my child in there and I'm not an idiot. I'm not letting you go through this pregnancy alone," he shook his head. The thought of having a child and leaving him and the mother alone was horrible to him. He could never do that. He hugged you gently, "I'm sorry I did this to you," he apologized. "Hey, it takes two to tango," you grinned sheepishly and he laughed.

Louis : If you said you didn't laugh and cry at how you looked you'd be lying. You cried at how fat you looked and you laughed at how fat you looked. You looked ridiculous but that was the disadvantage of pregnancy. Your family was very supportive seeing as the dad was no where to be found and had no idea he was the dad. What could you do about it? Nothing. He was gone who knows where and you were stuck here with a baby growing inside of you. At first you were scared, and you still are scared but you are happy. Happy that you are going to have your very own. It's been a while since your family has been pushing you to get married and have a family. At least you got one thing out of the way, maybe not in the right order but it was still what you wanted. You loved children and wanted some of your own. You also wanted a husband with them but that wasn't really open at the moment. You browsed the kids section at the mall and began buying some things the baby might need. You didn't know the gender but who was to say pink was only for girls and blue was only for boys. You bought things that didn't depend on gender. Bibs or baby toys or bottles. You found a toy that rattled when it shook and you smiled at the thought of your baby playing with that toy and laughing the cute baby laugh. The rattle slipped from your finger and landed on the floor, "shit" you grumbled. Being pregnant and all you couldn't exactly bend the way you used to. You saw a hand grab the rattle and the man stood up handing you the toy. "Thank you," you told him and you began to focus on his face. What a familiar face. "Louis?" you asked. "Y/N?" he asked in the same tone you asked him. You both gulped. You still remembered each other even after one night. "You're pregnant," he glanced at your stomach very briefly and looked back up at your face. "And it's mine," he finally realized after looking at your facial expressions. "Why didn't you tell me!" he cried. "I didn't know where you were!" you yelled back. "Oh my god, I wasn't even there for you like I should have been," he began pacing back and forth. "Louis it's fine, you didn't even know," you assured him and from the way he looked at you, you knew what to say next, "you're here now," you smiled earning a big grin from Louis in return.

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