Chapter 15

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Hey guys! I'm SOO sorry I havn't updated in so long! My life has been sooo hectic lately! If only you knew! Well I'm going to TRY to make up for it... Hope you enjoy..


 New Text Message: Caleb

"So, you wanna hang out today?"

"Idk.. I've got soccer practice till 7 then I'm going to a baseball game."

"The home game??"

"Yeah.. Why?"

"I'll be playing!"


"Yes! I was wanting to hang out b4 the game but since you have practice idk if we can.. oh well."

"Im sorry.."

"Its cool.. Wanna go to eat with me and my parents after the game?"

"Sure! If u don't mind me being all muddy and sweaty! haha"

"Sexyy! ;) haha jk.. idc."

"aight cool!"



"What?! Don't yell! Get down stairs!"


"Ok, so, do you wanna go to a baseball game with me after my practice? It's home and I'm going to eat with Caleb and his parents afterwards but still.." 

"What time is your practice and game?"

"Practice is over at 7:00 and the game starts at 6:45."

"Yeah, that'll be fine."

"How's your blood pressure been lately? We havn't really talked."

"It's not been good.. One minute it's out of the roof and one minute it's waayy low and i hardly have a heart beat.. I don't know what's wrong.. Also, my blood sugar has been really high. They don't know what's going on. They took me off one of my medicines and said that would fix it.. But I don't think it will. I passed out in the doctors office.. They put my feet up, gave me some crackers and juice, and sent me home.." 

"You've got to be kidding me.. What are they going to do about it?"

"Nothing.. They have to know what's wrong to know what to do."

"How do they not know what's wrong? They're DOCTORS!"

"I know.."

"Well, just call me when you get out of practice and I'll meet you at the field."

"Ok. I should go."

"Alright, bye sweetie."


 Practice went alright. It was kinda light. We had just done a lot of conditioning and stuff the day before so we were all still really sore.

 When I got out of practice, my grandma called me and said that mom was in the hospital about to have surgery. They're finally going to put a pacemaker in. Even though it's just a minor surgery, I stil felt like I needed to be there. So I rushed there and texted my brother telling him I had called our aunt and that he was going to stay with her for a little while. I told him it wasn't anything serious and not to worry but that I didn't know how long it would take. 

 When I got there, things wern't looking that great. They had her drugged because she was in so much pain and they didn't want her alert for the opperation. They said her heart rate was to low to put her under. They were afraid she wouldn't come out. She was laying there in the hospital bed crying, lethargic, and saying "I'm dying. I'm dying." I just tried to stay there. My uncle and grandma were in the room trying to calm her down. She started crying uncontrolably, and repeating 'I'm dying, I'm dying!" She appearantely had passed out again sometime today. She had a huge bruise covering her right eye and her eyes were swolling shut. She was retaining fluid something awful! Like, worse than before! She use to retain fluid really bad because of her blood pressure, but I thought they had that figures out.. Guess I was wrong again. 

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