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Okay, ever since Devin moved away to his other school he's been sending me love letters.

And proposals.

In which I didn't answer any of them.

And now he was coming back, I'd HAVE to answer them.

I begged my dad to turn invisible to become my body guard.

He gave in. He turned himself invisible and followed me into the building at school.

I grabbed some jeans, wore my black boots and was out the door with dad behind me.

Devin is the second most powerful demon there is. Or so I suspect. My father is the most powerful and I'm the second most powerful of HIS kind.

He's like just like, 1 foot smaller than my dad. He towers over me and I hate it. I'm fine with it if it's my dad...but...yeah. My nickname that Devin calls me is Kitty. I hate cats. Kittens aren't so bad but...still.

We reached the schools and Devin was there. All of him.

His hands were jammed into his Jean pockets and his broad shoulders leaned against a locker. He wore a leather jacket and his blonde hair styled perfectly, complimenting his twinkling eyes that hid his demonic personality.

He grinned, stalking over to me.

"Kitty! It's nice to see you again!"

He opened his arms to engulf me in a hug, but my reflexes were quick and I dashed backwards.

I ran to him and stood behind my dads invisible figure that only I could see.

I then dashed into the school.

I saw a group of Miranda's fiends. Except the one I talked to yesterday.

They were all looking at something in the middle of their circle.

My dad noticed, too.

"Via, I'm going to vanish for a second and see what they're doing, okay? That mind."

I nodded, and he zoomed into their club.

I jumped as hand touched my shoulders.

I didn't bother to look.

I knew who it was.

"Hi kitty."

"Don't touch me," I shoved him away.

I noticed a boy with hair covering his eyes in the distance, noticing is.

Stranger boy.

The one that picked me up that one day.

The one that kept stalking me.

I opened my mouth to yell for him, but Devin put a finger to my lips.


I saw Via talking to a tall, fit real life version of a ken doll with brown eyes.

I immediately yet quietly approached them.

I cleared my throat loudly and the Ken doll turned to me swiftly, a glare on his face, "I'd like to speak to Via."

"Sorry, she's occupied."

"Not for long."

I shoved him away from her, which worked but....

But all of a sudden he opened a triangle ish portal?

He grabbed Gia's wrist and yanked her into the portal, going with her.

I ran for it, but it was too late.

(Slender man)

I had started a fight.


I turned uninvisable as the girls were screaming, but Miranda held the camera tight. The one with the photo. She had the picture of demonic Via. And I knew my daughter would be embarrassed if that was out anywhere where anyone could see it.

Miranda was clinging the camera to her chest.

I used my hand just to slap it away.

She dropped the camera, which broke into a million peices.


And they all ran.

I turned to Via, but she was gone.

Instead, Jude was there. I had discovered this stranger boys name.

... Don't ask how. I do my research.

I looked at him, and then looked at via. She wasn't there.

"What have you done with my daughter," I growled.

"I didn't do anything! This dumb looking boy Barbie doll took her to the portal!"

My eyes widened. I knew exactly who this was. Devin.

I screamed and went home to my research to find a way to get my only child back.

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