chapter 9

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Kellys POV⬇⬇

today was the day that i met up with Austin. I told Brandon I was going shopping I felt bad for lying to Brandon but its just something about this guy I really like him and when he said we will finish talking about the date and stuff next week I didn't know what he was talking about I just went along with it.

"hey I'm about to leave" I said walking into the kitchen where Brandon was looking in the fridge

"okay babe" he said closing the door and walking up to me and wrapping his arms around me

"love u" I said kissing him

"love u to do u k ow what time u will be back?"

"I don't know what time is it now?"

he turned and looked at the clock "1:00"

"I'll be home around 4 that sound good?"


"okay I love u" I said one last time and kissed him again before walking out the door

"love u to"

so I walked out of the door and I got in the car and I realized I left my phone so I walked back inside and I walk in on Brandon and he's on the kitchen and I hear him on the phone "hey....can u come over?....yeah is great.... ok see u soon love u..." love u? I said to my self and I walked in and Brandon turns around "hey what are u doing?"

Brandons POV⬇⬇

"hey what are u doing" I said hoping she didn't hear the conversation I had

"oh nothing I just forgot my phone and I was coming to get a water"


"who where u on the phone with?" she said

"I wasn't on the phone"

"then why did I hear u on the phone and u say " hey....can u come is great....ok see you soon love u"?"

"u didn't I wasn't on the phone"

"Brandon are u cheating on me?" I felt bad for doing it but she always leaves every week she never really spends time with me no more she's always on the phone so I found someone that spends time with me and stuff like she used to.

"no babe I would never do that to u"I said walking over to her

"I can't believe u" she said as tears fell from her face

"I'm sorry" I said as I wiped them away  from her face

"no don't touch me" she said as she pushed my hands away and ran to our room

"kelly wait!" I said running after her

"no just leave me alone I can't believe u after u purposed and..." she said crying and packing a bag

"and what Kelly?" I said walking behind her and turning her around to face me

"nothing just leave me alone"

"no tell me Kelly"


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