First Day Of School

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"Jay wake up", my Uncle Preston yells.

"Five more minutes", I yell back.

"No you got school", he shouts.

I get up and go get in the shower. After I get out of the shower I walk to my closet. I choose some peach denim shorts and a white long sleeve shirt with white vans.

I go to walk out the door but Uncle Preston says,"You forgeting something."

"Yes my bookbag money and your hug", I say.

I hug him and run over to Austins house.I knock on the door and Michele answers.

"Omg Jay I heard you were out of the coma and your dating my son", she says.

"Ya know it has Austin already left cause I was gonna see if I could get a ride with him", I tell her.

"He's not even awake you can go wake him up if you wanna", she tells me.


I walk up the stairs and see a door that has the name Austin on it.I run in the door and jump on his bed.

"Jay what are you doing here at seven in the freaking morning", he ask.

"We got school", I tell him.

"Shit", he says.

"Austin watch your mouth", Michele says.

I laugh he gets up and walks to his closet gets some clothes and then goes to the bathroom.

"I think I'm gonna have to still that leather mens jacket", I tell him.

"Here you can have it as long as you give me a kiss", he tells me with a smirk.

"Okay", I say and kiss him.

"Now give it to me", I tell him.

He takes off the jacket and gives it to me.

We go down stairs and leave to ho to school.As soon as we get out Austin grabs my hand and we walk to the office to get my schedule.

"Jay Doresy", I tell the lady.

She walks over to the filing cabniet and hands me a paper with locker number and class schedule.

"Let me see you schedule", Austin says.

I hand it over to him and he shouts,"Yes!"

"What", I ask him.

"We have every class together", he says.

We walk to our lockers which are right by each other. I put the stuff I don't need in my locker and wait for Austin. When he's done we walk to our first class which is science. I sit down by Austin and then a girl walks uo to me and qith a snoody atitude says,"This is my seat."

"Well I don't see the name bitch wrote on it so I guess it's not. This is the first day of school no one has seats", I tell her in the same tone.

She walks off and sits next to what I am guessing is one of her friends. When she walks off Austin laughs.

"What", I ask him.

"That was hilarious. No one I mean no one stands up to Cecilia", he tells me.

"Oh", I say.

I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn around to see a boy with blonde hair.

"Can I help you", I ask him.

"Yeah babe you can come over to my house and show me a good time", he says.

"Six words for ya never in a million years asshole", I say while counting the words on my fingers and for the last word I use my middle finger to flip him off and then turn around.

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