Chapter 1: the argument

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Well here's chapter 1


Chapter 1

Mariah's POV

" I'm not leaving you!" , I screamed in a furious manner. This is our first fight and I could hardly contain the tears flowing from my eyes. "Why aren't you? Your the only one I have left. " he questioned me. " I don't want to loose the best thing that has happened to me." I said. I stared at him with an open heart. He didnt move,make an actions. I loved this boy with all my heart. We've been together ever since 4th grade,around 5 years. I'm a freshmen & he's a sophomore. He's always had an open heart. By the way I'm Mariah & my boyfriend is Sean. He slowly opened his mouth. "I love you Mariah, your everything. Your smile, the silliness just everything gets to me. & I'm sorry if I overreacted when your guy friend texted you." He said with a sad look. I'm not the jealous type , but Sean is. He's scared I'll leave him. Which by the way will never happen. We've been through so much together & I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. I'm surprised he's put up with me this long. " babe, you have a right to overact. I shouldn't text another guy when I'm with you, it's disrespectful and it won't happen again. I promise." I said . Our promises are usually always kept. I swear we could live off them.

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