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Lauren's P.O.V

tonight is my irst date with Marcus, he is going to be arriving here i 15 minutes. i had used all my best make up for tonight,but i made sure it was natural, i had only used BB cream, concealer mascara and a little bit of eye liner. i checked my reflection just to check that i was completly ready. i was wearing a long black dress with sequines on the strap. heard a knock on the door, i checked my reflection for a final time before running out the door. marcus was wearing a suit with a white shirt, i must admit, i found it pretty sexy.

he drove me to the restaurent in his black audi, we spent the short journey talking about what we have spent the day doing. he told me about being with zoe,alfie,jim and tanya. i was fine with zoe and tanya as i know they are dating jim and alfie. then he mentioned someone called NIomi, i asked who she is, as i watch zoe and tan on youtube. apperently she is hisfriend that he has known forever.

the meal went really well, i would love to go there again, and more important i would like to go out with marcus again. he dropped me off outside my flat, gave me a kiss on the check and drove home. i love marcus as he likes to take things slow but not really slow, he also respects woman, unlike some men out there.

i realised i had left my purse in his car. when i called i heard some girl in the back ground, he told me it was niomi, and she left her laptop round mine. this made me angry, i suddenly couldnt rememberred when i called, i told him how i left my purse round his, so he ran round and dropped it off.


Marcus's P.O.V

after i ran round laurens house and gave her here purse, when i got home Niomi was gone, she probably went home for dinner. i sat down on the sofa and started to watch tv. today has gone amazing, dinner was amazing, i have filmed and edited 2 videos and it has just been fabulous.

Niomi's P.O.

my phone beeps, signaling i have a text, i check it. i feel my stomach drop as i read the text. what have i done?

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