Lovesome Spring

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Winter has gone, it's time for spring to get it on.

Sun to shine like never before, things to get better than ever before.

Flowers to bloom, people ceasing with the gloom.

Foliage so shining, stealing other's capability of intensifying.

Fruits getting enriched with nourishing potency, so to heal every sorrowful personality.

Rejuvenating winds blowing in the air, so to cherish with their warming essence.

An essence so beautifying, making everything so satisfying.

Clouds to rain excessively, cheering up people maniacally, limitedly as in a period of an year but more happily without any fear.

A period of migration for the chirping birds, making a peaceful way with beautiful words.

A period making an end to hibernation, hibernators knowing it's the time for beautification.

Exhilaration being inevitable, environment turning adorable.

Any desolated place to fulfil with grace, greenery as in a race.

For people to live like they are just born, because living without a smile is a wasteful mourn.

Finally comes the precious season of spring, amplifying beauty in every living being.

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