Crilly's POV

I had been sat reading through this book for almost an hour, skipping ahead every now and then. It turned out to be Falkor's diary, which made me even more curious to read on. A few extracts caught my attention, mainly one from the very beginning: 'I've been considering this for quite a while now, but now I know for certain; I definitely do like him. No, hang on - I love him. I love my best friend, and it's messing up my brain. I love Adam Crilly... Fuck. This is going to be hard...'. I read through some more of the diary, noticing how quite a few of the pages were tear-stained, especially the last few. I turned to the latest entry, becoming more concerned when I saw that this page was the most damaged by tears, and was almost ripped out - probably from where it was thrown. As I read through this latest diary entry, my face must have contorted multiple times, my emotions running wild; 'Dear Diary, I was so close today. I nearly told him how I feel. Just Jim interrupted me. Life is so unfair. Why can't I just love Dan, then my life will be so easier. Why Crilly? If he found out it would be so awkward. Why does it have to be someone so close to me but I always have to ruin it by having feelings for him.'

I had only just managed to put the diary down, my hands simply wouldn't let go. Why? It's nothing special to me, it's my best friend's diary, nothing more. Even with what's written in it, I shouldn't be this reluctant to put it away, surely. Damn... what's even going on anymore? Just then, I heard some bangs and a crash from Falkor's room, followed by a series of loud footsteps - indicating that he was pacing around the room. I quickly made my way over to his door, knocking sharply before easing the door open. I looked around briefly to see if it was okay to go in, then took a step into the room, trying not to shock Falkor. He was rampaging around his room; throwing things off of shelves and yanking drawers open, examining their contents before slamming them shut again. I decided it was best to act calm in the hope that it would calm him down as well, "Is everything okay? Have you lost something?" He turned to look at me harshly, the contempt in his voice startling me, "No, I'm just rampaging in my room because I feel like it", straight away he looked guilty, which confused me. He then said much more calmly, "Sorry, just lost something very important to me". I trusted him not to snap at me a little more now, so I decided to make my way into his room to take a proper look around. He swiftly sat down on his bed, crossing his legs and looking extremely uncomfortable with my presence. Well, I am only in my boxers, idiot. If what's written in his diary is true, this is probably bringing him to near-breaking point. I could use this to my advantage... I moved to sit down on the bed next to him, asking softly, "So, what is this thing?" I relaxed slightly and let my leg rest against his, causing him to take a short and sudden breath. I looked at him, my eyes wide with fake surprise, and noting the second sharp intake of breath that he took. Is he actually shocked, or is only pretending? I mean, my leg did just touch his, but he might be trying to build up his confidence. I looked him in the eye when he said quietly, "my poetry book", his emotion making a quick change to looking upset.

Before I could stop myself, my hand had moved forwards, lifting Falkor's head up towards mine. I began leaning in, him mirroring my actions. It was just then that I pulled myself back to reality, beginning to panic slightly and pulling my hand back. I ducked back out of the way just as Falkor's mouth was about to hit mine, and stood up quickly. I stood looking at him, nervously rubbing my arm, as tension filled the room. I coughed slightly, forcing my voice to work, "So, what did it look like? So I can keep an eye out". He looked up at me awkwardly while saying quietly, "Umm... it was small, black with skulls on it. And it did have chains on but I took then off so I could write in it, so it wouldn't have them on if you found it." I turned to leave while mumbling a small "okay", then walked out of the room as quickly as I could.

Me, Nico and Jim were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when Falkor walked in slowly. We all turned to look at him, and I gave him a slight 'warning look'. He walked to the cupboards and grabbed some cereal, before awkwardly shuffling over to the table. Just as he was about to sit down, Nico piped up and asked him if they could talk. Only a moment later, they both left the room and stumbled upstairs.

As soon as the others were out of earshot, Jim looked at me with a serious look; "Crilly - you said that Falkor tried to kiss you. Why didn't you stop him earlier? If you were going to let him, why did you not go through with it?" I looked him in the eyes, before saying honestly, "He did. Well, I made the very first move actually. We were so close to each other, but then I panicked. I realised what I was doing and pulled back, then basically ran away. I don't know why I was going to kiss him, I barely like him in that way, it would've upset him and been cheating." Jim clenched his fists and gave me a stern look, saying "Really? You are an idiot, Crilly. No matter what you say, you do like him, and you know it. I've seen how you are around him and you've told me yourself, so there's no denying how much he means to you. Even if it would have been cheating, you've let him down harshly, and he's likely upstairs crying now." The very thought of Falkor crying up there with Nico made me so angry at myself, but not as mad as I was about how I was feeling about this all... Just as I was about to reply to Jim, the others walked back into the room, awkwardly sitting down at the table. We all looked down and continued eating breakfast, everybody extremely uncomfortable...

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