Sorrowful news ...

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Rin's p.o.v

I went to Amegin's house to check up on her and see how is she eating , but ever since this morning something was bothering me and i had a really bad feeling about today , i hope everything is ok ..

I knocked on the door .. no answer...

Knock .. knock

Knock.. knock

Knock .. knock


I started to get really worried so i barged in the house and went to Amegin's room .

I stared horrified at the girl on the bed , it was Amegin !

I rushed to her side and shook her .

" AME ! WAKE UP " i shouted worried .

" Ame please , this isnt funny , please please " i begged .

She didnt even flinch or move a muscle .

" Amegin Yajirushi im begging you to WAKE UP ! " i screamed the last part , tears running down my cheeks .

Amegin still havent flinch , i checked her pulse and it was barely there , her heart rate is low , he condition is serious !

" what am i gonna do ?! " i panicked .

I felt a familiar chakra near so i looked over the window to see Obito walking near .

" OBITO UCHIHA ! COME HERE RIGHT NOW ! " i shouted on top of my lings .

Obito was really surprised but looked over me and saw me crying so he rushed over to me .

He jumped and entered through the window .

" whats wrong ? " he asked , i cried and pointed at Ame .

He carried her and we went to the hospital .

~2 and half hours later~

We were still in the hospital trying to figure out what happened to Ame , i never stopped crying .

Minato-sensei and Kakashi came a while ago and they were worried too , i hope she is ok ..

A doctor came out of Ame's test room .

" how is she ? " asked Obito .

" her condition is serious , her chakra system is leaking " he started .

" leaking ? " asked Minato .

" yes indeed , there is more chakra in her body more than she can handle causing her system to break down " he explained .

I flinched " sill she be ok ? " i asked .

" i dont know , she will be more likely in a comma now , we dont know when she will wake up " he said sighing .

" dammit " cursed Kakashi , Obito fisted his hands and i didnt do anything but cry .

" why her ? " i asked .

Everyone sighed sadly , but i think Kakashi was more hurt than us hearing this news .

" right , we'll come back tomorrow " said Minato .

We walked outside ..

" i hate this " mumbled Obito sadly .

" i hate it more " Kakashi mumbled too .

" i hate it more than you both " i said clenching my fist , then i ran away to my house , stright to my room crying my heart out on my friend , that is possibly will never wake up from that goddamned comma .

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