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EMMELINE:[Imitating Richard]It doesn't scare them off unless I can spear them!

(throws an umbrella that acted as the spear)

RICHARD:Aw, spear you!


EMMELINE:We're never getting off this island Richard

RICHARD:Thanks to you!

EMMELINE:This is where we live,Richard,This is our home,now and forever.

RICHARD:No!I could never live here with just you!I don't even like you!you never used to laugh at me!you never used to have secrets you wouldn't tell me!

EMMELINE:well,you're not so perfect either, Mr.Richard lestrange. I've seen you playing with "it",and I'll tell your father, if he ever gets here.

RICHARD:you? I hate you(throws a rock at her, narrowly missing her)

EMMELINE:you almost hit me!

RICHARD:take it back! take back what you said!

EMMELINE:I've seen it all! what happens after you've been doing it a long time?

RICHARD:shut up! that's not fair peeking! I don't peek on you!

EMMELINE:that's a lie! you're always staring at my buppies (boobs)

RICHARD:only 'cause they look so funny! you know what you look like now,Em?  you look like one of those pictures Paddy had in his drawer. one of his hoochie-coochie girls!

EMMELINE:I do not, I do not!

RICHARD:hoochie coochie, hoochie coochie!

EMMELINE:stop that Richard, or I'll never talk to you again.

RICHARD:hoochie coochie, hoochie coochie see'em jiggle,wiggle,and shake.(EMMELINE throws a stone at Richard,  hitting him on the head. He falls down.)

EMMELINE:oh,I'm sorry,  Richard. I didn't mean to hit you!

RICHARD:[slaps EMMELINE across her face] wish you were dead and buried!

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