Chapter 3: Alone Again

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      I never seemed to realize just how sad life could be until I lost my father and then my mother a few years later. I always thought that this was a happy world were everyone was nice and joyful. Never did it pass through my mind that people can be horrible cruel people.

      I never knew where my father went. One day, he was with us and the next he was gone. Just like that, he didn't say, I'll be back or goodbye or anything.

       At least I knew where my mother went. Somewhere happier than this.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Lida", is all I hear around me.

       A handful of familiar faces surround me. People from the boarding house. I feel a pair of warm hands at my shoulders. It's Anna.

        Anna who was just laughing this morning. But that morning seems like it happened years ago because the smiling woman doesn't exist anymore. The bright spark that was in her eyes is now replaced by a glossy shine that covers her red stung eyes.

"Lida, your grandmother...", she gulps and looks away.

       She's dead, Anna doesn't have to say anymore or less. She was my family, the rest of what was left and now I cry. Not because of her, but because I am now alone...

           *****AUTHOR'S NOTE*****

Its coming! Just keep reading... okay?

Thank you for reading this far though!

From here it'll be pretty interesting.

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