Eva's POV

 I woke up in the next morning thinking of the event last night then it hit my head the kiss it is not possible that Harry likes me, maybe because we were so close and we get into the moment

I stopped thinking and get out of the bed and entered the bathroom

Harry's POV

 I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing I grabbed it and answer it without looking at the name

 I said “hello"

 "Hey Hazza where have you been last night?” Louis said

 I smiled at what happened last night then I remembered the kiss I'm such an idiot

 "Hey Harry you still here?" Louis said interrupting my thoughts

 I replied “I had something to do"

Something to do seriously Harry! You are sure that Naill didn't tell us?”

 I said “shit Naill he can't keep his mouth shut

  Louis said “ok so what happened?”

 I said “I’ll tell you everything later

 Ok and don't think you can get away from me “Louis said

 I said “ok”

With that I stood up and walked to the bathroom to get ready for the day

I walked out of the apartment and went to Louis’s house

When I reached there I opened the door and walked to the living room there was all the boys they smiled when they saw me

I smiled back saying “hey guys”

 They said “hi”

I sat next to Naill

 Louis said “so Hazza"

 Here we go I said

They laughed and Louis continued “tell us how it was”

 I replied “good”

 Zayn smirked and said “just good"

I said “yeah like any other date"

 Liam said teasing “it’s not like any other date when you ask Naill to come and help you with clothes Hazza"

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