Stripper Girl

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            Stripper Girl Chapter 1

" One's , Five's , Ten's , Twenty's

work your way up to them big faces Hundred's " That was the first thing I heard as I entered club "KISSES". I came in through the back because I knew if I came through the side door I was going to hear Trixi ghettofied ass mouth and I wasn't in the mood for any bullshit tonight. I by passed everybody with my black Dior  shades on as if the sun was actually in the club. I made my way to the bar and ordered.

"What's good Tommy, let me get the usual three shots of Remy straight" I said to the bartender "Coming right up beautiful" he responded after I took those three shots I ordered three more then left the bar.

I went straight to the back so I could get my self together and ready for this performance. I took off my black Dulce and Gabbana boots, white seven jeans and black thermal shirt. As soon as I got naked a loud knock came from the door.

"Who is it" I yelled trying to talk over the music. I couldn't hear who the person said but I opened the door anyway as if I heard them all along.

"Girl what's up, how long have you been here? I saw you at the bar during my performance. How you feeln taday"  Cinnamon said in her country accent "I'm good just ready to leave, I don't feel like working tonight." I said "Well you better get ready cause your up after Kitten and she's up right after Dolly "She said pointing at the door letting me know Dolly was performing "Thanks" I replied then continued getting myself together as she exited the room.

I was walking around the club like fuck everybody. I didn't want to be there and on top of that I wasn't feeling that good. I got another two shots of Remy then back to the back I  went. Kitten soon came to my room to indicate that the Dj was taking a quick break and I would be going on in about 20 minutes.

I went threw my pocketbook grabbed my red lighter then I sat down and fired up my girl Mary. That's my bitch right there, she been by my side since the beginning. No matter what the situation was she always knew how to calm my ass down. She's a for sure TRUE rider. I looked at my watch after a few minutes then out the blunt. It was 7 minutes until show time so I gave myself a touch up then a quick look in the mirror before I went on.

Next thing I knew I saw the colorful club lights and a room full of men. There was a few women besides the other performers sprinkled around the room. They act just like men sometimes when it came to this business. Groping, smacking and rubbing on any and every body part they could get there hands on. "Now presenting the lovely sexy beautiful ass dropping booty bouncing make a married man want to leave his wife and kids ......Kream" DJ Four-Fifty said.

When I came out all eyes where on me. I had on my Cheetah print outfit I just coped yesterday from the mall. The bottoms were similar to bikini bottoms which showed off my long caramel legs and nice round and pleasantly plump ass. The top was in the form of a halter top that helped give my cup C's a nice view for the on lookers

I walked seductively to the pole grabbing it then climbing up. I climbed up half way and slide down. I climbed all the way to the top then slide down head first. I looked at DJ Four-Fifty and he already knew what time it was. He switched the instrumental to a song by French Montana Pop That. When that came on and I started dancing the money started pouring like a rainstorm.

"Pop that pussy ma" I heard a guy in the crowd say "Oh shit, look at that ass jiggle. Got Damn" I heard another I walked closer to the crowd and started dancing. I did a split then started bouncing up and down to the beat. I was giving them the performance they wanted and they threw the money the way I wanted. When it was over I gathered all my money and exit the stage.

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