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A year ago I would not have pictured myself being in the position I am today. Laying in bed waiting for Jamie to come back with ice-cream so we can watch my favourite movie, Titanic.

Here's the thing, I'm short, fat & very unattractive, but that's not why I would never have pictured myself with Jamie. There's a whole other reason including that, but we'd have to go back at least a year, to the year 2012.


The sun was shining in my face whilst I was doing my maths exam. My last exam before I officially left school & started the summer holidays. I looked over to see my best friend, 2 rows to the right of me. She was probably thinking the same thing as me, about all the stuff we were going to do during the summer holidays. We were both turning 16 and had to plan so much to do for our birthdays .. oh and prom!

"Time's up, finish the sentence you're on & put your pens down." My teacher shouted, breaking me out of my own thought bubble.  This woman was so annoying,  I'm so glad I won't see her ever again. "This was the last time I was going to see her," I was wondering to myself. While I waiting for my exam to be collected by the invigilator I was looking around the hall. I would never see these people ever again. Maybe one more time at prom but after that never again. Not in uniform or in school or at a canteen. Never again.

I got up, tucked my chair in and walked off to get my things. So many faces, so many emotions, so many memories where made here. I will kind of miss it. "Samanthaaa!" My best friend screamed while tickling me. Brushing it off, I glared at her. This usually annoys her because my best friend, Lydia, is shy. She hates attention even if it's from me. "Do I have something on my face Sam?" she asked with a worried tone. Oh yeah, she's self conscious too, overly self conscious. Even when she had no reason to be, my friend was gorgeous. "No you don't Lyd, don't be silly," I say whilst giggling. I can't bear to torture her further. "Let's go." I say whilst locking hands with her.

We walk off to the shops to get ice pops. Mr Freeze to be precise. 10p worth of icy deliciousness to help us cool down on this very hot day. "Do you think we'll see any of them ever again?" I ask "I know we will Sam, some of them are coming to our same college." I make an annoyed face. "Don't look at me like that Sam, they won't do anything to us in college." Truth was, we were at the bottom of the chain all throughout school. Well I was, I was the outcast. Lydia was pretty & her being shy came off as cute to everyone in school. But me? I was short, fat & unattractive & had nothing to offer to anyone other than me just being there. An awkward person doing nothing. It's not my fault, the idiots who went to my school are immature.

Yeah, it's their fault. It's their fault they don't understand me.

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