24.) Dylan

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Bright light...

My back hitting the wall...

...my name....


I knew I wouldn't survive this spell a second time...

The pain fades, and I'm standing in the woods. I turn to see Uncle watching me.


"Dylan, we haven't much time. I have a plan for you."

"What is it?"

"First tell me you're going back."


"Back- back to Malfoy and Potter and your friends. Back to the fight, Dylan."


"You have to- or they won't survive. "

The idea of my friends- and Draco- dying nearly makes me collapse. "I'm going back, Uncle. But I will miss you."

"I know." He smiles sadly. "Now, Dylan, my plan..."

I listen to him closely, then hug him. Once he lets me go, I run into the fog...

I wake against the wall.

The sides are split. Death Eaters on one side, the school on the other. Draco stands on the side with Harry.

"Come, Draco."

I watch him study his mum, tears in his eyes. His father mumbles something that I cannot hear. Draco takes a shaky step forward, broken and sad. Voldemort smiles his cruel smile.

"NO! Draco- don't go!"

Everyone spins to look at me. Hatred shines in Voldemort's eyes as I struggle to my feet. 

"You stupid girl," he growls at me. I stumble to Draco, who catches me in his arms and buries his face in my hair.

"I was so lost..." he whispers. "I love you, I'm sorry..."

"I love you too," I kiss him, then pull away and pull my wand on Voldemort. "Thats how I can beat you, Father. I love. It's not the power I have, it's the fact that I have  reason behind it. Harry is stronger than you because he loved. But me? I have love- but I also know crushing hate."

Draco takes my hand, glaring at his father.

"Stupid girl. You will not survive again!"

Another flash of bright green light. This time I counter it, mine a silky blue-black color. I focus all my energy into the spell, all my love and hate and fear. Everything I learned. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Neville kill that stupid snake.

I smile, but it fades when a burst of energy knocks me to my knees, and Draco yells my name.

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