prim, aw.

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i love you.

primrose marie feye, you are perfection itself. you are such a strong person, and it's okay to cry every now and then, you don't have to feel guilty. you make so many people happy, including myself. you always put others before yourself, and you always do your best to cheer people up.

and to see you unhappy makes me unhappy, because you deserve the best. you deserve a perfecr not who will love you and cherish every little moment with you, somebody who will make you their world. and if they don't, they aren't good enough for you. i know it seems like you will never be loved or have a boyfriend, but i promise you there is a guy out there made to be with you. maybe he's too shy to talk to you, maybe he doesn't even realize that you guys will soon be the perfect couple, but he's out there.

so yeah, i want you to be the happiest you that you can be.

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