Blind Date (Jeff the killer romance)

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I was being held against my will, the teen holding me was very rough,he held my arms down so hard,I knew there were going to be bruises afterwards.Then I saw a boy being dragged in,when our eyes met he screamed " LET HER GO,ITS ME YOU WANT,NOW PLEASE LET MY SISTER GO" he was at the verge of crying.

"SHUT UP WOULD YOU WE ARE NOT DONE YET YOU STILL HAVE TO MAKE WHAT WE WANT." the boy stopped struggling and was put down.

a few hours later

They carried my brother back in the room where I was being held in. One of boys was holding a red cylinder in his hand." Ok, Marshall show us how they work," my brother shook his head

" Its just like a firework just don't be to close when it goes off." the boy laughed and walked over to me with a match and the red cylinder in his hands. He laughed.

"Well I don't think you will mind if test the homemade firework out,plus it is the forth of July is it not." (Marshall is her brother)

" NO PLEASE, DON'T HURT HER, DON'T HURT DESTINY,PLEASE, ELIJAH DON'T," the boy who guess was Elijah,lit the match. I felt tears fall down my face in a waterfall of tears. Slowly he lit the firework and threw it at me.

It happened so fast, my brother screamed my name, the firework went off in my face then everything went black.................................................................................................

I woke to the wet yet familiar tongue of Bear,my watchful eye dog. I giggled and petted Bear behind the ear," good morning to you too Bear,"at that I started to feel a tugging sensation on my covers,I knew what it was, it was Bear telling me to get my ass out of bed. I giggled again and took the covers off and swung my legs over the side of the bed. I walked over to my dresser and turned on my stereo on (song which you can turn on ) knowing everybody else was up,running around to get dressed or getting breakfast ready, I knew this because my older brother ran,tripped and fell down the stairs, I rolled my eyes and laughed,then I realized what song was it was Somebody told me by The Killers.

I walked over to my bedroom door and opened it for Bear " Ok Bear, go see if Marshall is ok." He barked and walked out while brushing against my leg. I walked over to my private bathroom and shut the door after me, I turned on the shower till it got warm enough for my sensitive skin,got undressed and got in I stood there for a few minutes under the warm water, I washed my body and hair then shaved. I then stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my nude body, I walked over to the sink and felt around for my hair brush I found it in the wrong place " grrr, Marshall why were you in here," I said to nobody in particular.I shrugged and started brushing my hair I then brushed my teeth, after that I washed my face. I dried my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and walked to my dresser,opened the top drawer to grab a bra,undershirt, and some underwear, I then opened the second to the top drawer and grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans,I then walked over to my closet and felt around for a shirt, when I found one with the correct pin I started to look for a jacket.I found one and walked over to my bed where the rest of my clothes were.

After I got dressed I was ready for my counseling, yeah I go to counseling big whoop.I have to go its for my depression and my attempt suicidal acts.

I was dressed in a black shirt that went to the bottom of my ribcage also I was wearing under that a dark blood red undershirt,a pair of black skinny jeans,and my hair was flat ironed perfectly to make me look emo and I wore a jeans jacket that also went a little past my ribcage. After I was done getting dressed I headed downstairs into the kitchen, grabbed a granola bar and a orange for later,as I was about to make a run for it before either my overly protective parents called me to take my medication.I didn't get far though,my dad called me back in,DAMN IT SO CLOSE, "Destiny Rose Gray get back in here you have to take medication every day when it ends and when it begins," oh just so you know my dad happens to be a doctor for those who are mentally insane,yep my family is awesome oh and my mom is the principal for my school,how can it any better you might ask,well my brother Hunter is studying to be a doctor,Marshall is also studying to be a scientist,and Candy is studying to be a teacher like my mom but it doesn't matter,I groaned and walked back in the kitchen and took my pill that is supposed to ease the pain from my eyes.I took my chance while my dad went to put on a new tie,because he spilled something on it.I took it as my chance and ran out the door and to the bus stop,which was a mile away from my house, I waited till I heard the bus coming down the street.

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