Chapter Thirty: The Little Secrets

            “HUMP DAYYYY!”

            I playfully rolled my eyes and turned to look at Jesse enter the cafeteria with his lunch bag in hand. Ethan was too intrigued in his book to notice him or anything around him, and Zavier… well, let’s just say he’s been a bit off since Monday. It really wasn’t weird seeing him study in the table, but at least he wasn’t reading his damn Health book… Seriously, when he had that thing, I just wanted to close it and throw it out the window.

            I still wonder what happened on Monday though, or if Davne fucking did something to him… The two came into class at the freakin’ same time and Zavier looked a little impatient about something.

            Afterwards, he just didn’t talk much. He almost seemed pretty angry and I had no idea why. I still have no idea why. But I’m really itching to know, and when I ask him again; he won’t just let the subject drop like he would usually do. I won’t let him.

            “Hey,” I said, deciding to show that I know of Jesse’s existence as he plopped himself in the seat right next to Ethan. He gave me a nod and a smile, making himself comfortable.

          “What up, what up,” he said, looking at both Ethan and Zavier. Ethan nodded in acknowledgement and turned a page in his book. But Zavier didn’t even say or do anything.

            The guy was just in his own little world. He does know we still exist, right? He’s not home alone or anything. He’s still in school, and his friends are trying to talk to him.

            I hope he’s not ignoring us either, because I’ve felt like he has been trying to do that so many times.

            Jesse and I looked at each other, and then at Zavier as he gently nibbled on a plastic spoon that didn’t really hold anything on it.

            Deeply sighing, I decided to just kick him right under the table to get him to finally notice us. It made him take the spoon out of his mouth while groaning and almost hit his head on the table. But he was fine. I only kicked him in the shin.

            Once the pain was gone (I think), he looked back up at me with an almost horrified expression. He was a little red at the face as well.

            “Why did you do that!?” he demanded while holding his shin.

            I simply shrugged as an answer. I wanted to laugh though since his voice got a little high at the first word. “What are you reading?”

            “You kick freakin’ hard,” he mumbled a little angrily as he sat up straight and looked back down at his textbook and papers. He was quiet for a little while until he realized I had asked a question.

            He looked up at me with those cute brown orbs and then looked back down just as quickly. As if he was afraid to give out any eye contact at the moment.

            Then again I wasn’t really giving him a very nice look. It was just my face when I was pretty annoyed. Or it was just my face in general… I can’t really tell at times, to be honest.

            “U-uh… just my History stuff for that little pop quiz we—“

            “We’re having a pop quiz!?” Jesse yelled out, throwing some lettuce from his sandwich up in the air in the process. “Dammit! What the hell—”

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