♥Chapter Nine♥

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{August POV}

Wassup Kacey ?

Today I was visiting my sister in law .

Hey boy havent seen you in a lil minute India been keeping yo ahh buissy she said .

I chucked alot been going on but Im happy for once I said

Thats good yall almost a year thats good yo ass aint hoeing around no more she said .

Wea my neices at ?

At school I gotta go pick em up in a few Kaykay bad ass got in trouble today .

Lol thats my brother kids for you he was bad his damn self when we was younger .

I miss him so much a tear slid down kacey coco skinnned tone cheeks .

I do to .

I hugged her she cries into my chest I silently cried with her .

Its okay he probably looking down on us right now begging us to be happy and fa you to move on and love again .

True Kacey wipes her tears .

Just then my momma walked in the door .

Hey kacey boo

Hi Aug you act like you cant hitt an ole lady up no more since ya gotcha new girlfriend she said sitting down and putting her versace purse down.

Ahh Ma it aint even like that I been buissy lately .

So when am I gone me this girl of yours I mean I see her all over tv and in magazine and my grand kis  been telling me bout ha bout you aint introduce us YET ! She stated .

Ima bring ha to the family get together Next week .

You better or else Ima stick my foot where the sun dont shine my Mama said .

Me and Kacey bust out laughing .

Kacey how my grand babies ?

They getting badder but they good .

Good . I gotta go I gotta date to tend to GoodBye Love yall . He hugged me and Kacey goodbye .

Mrs . A  a trip Kacey said .

Who you telling I ain know ole people still dated .

We bust out laughing

Aight I gott go to the studio . Ima hit u up later call me if you and da girl need anything .

I then left and headed to the studio .

Today I was gone Record my new song Ghetto .

{India PoV}

Today me and my bestfriends were going the beach we were gonna drink eat and have fun for once .

Me and my two main bitches layed under an beach umbrella soaking up all the breeze .

We havent did something this nice in a long long longgg time Lauren said .

Right we've all been so buissy I said

I miss yall stank ahh though Trina said sipping her margarita .

Well I got some good news ! Lauren said flipped her hair out her way .

What is it ? Me and Trina said in unison .

Im Pregnant She said smiling .

O mi god forreal I sqealed I said.

Yo ass gone be fat as hell Trina joked.

We bust out laughing .

No I aint but I found Out 3weeks ago Lauren said .

So what did Rashad say ? I asked .

He was really excited I was real scared to tell him so I left the test In his bathroom and sat in the living room waiting for him to see it . He literally came and jumped on me hugging and kissing my stomach .

Aww yall so cute Isaid in my baby voice .

Im gonna be a auntie I fell Old ! Trina said .

Girl stop yo ass it nothing but 20 Lauren said .

We bust out laughing .

We took a walk on the beach taking on and on about ourselfs .

I swea if I see you and August in another damn magazine Im sueing rhe magazine company Lauren joked .

Me and Trina bust out laughing .

Girl you a trip .

{ 5 hours later }

I had just got back home from the beach I was heading out to go spend the night at my baby house .

As I was bout to walk out the door I felt my hair being yanked and myself being thrown to the ground .

Wea you goin this late at night My dad yelled .

Daddy youre hurting me I cried

Maybe if you do what I like then I wont have to With that he then walked away I quickly got up and ran out the house to my car and drove to Aug house I cleaned myself up Before I went in .

I let myself in since i had my own key .I went upstairs August was sleep I took my shoes off and layed in bed beside him.

GoodNite Aug I said softly .

Goodnite babe he said kissed my neck and  wrapped his arms around me from behind .

We then fell asleep .

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