Pageant Hero: The Crowning

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The Pageant Hero Trilogy is a sci-fi  action-adventure novel written by Paul Dominic. The first book is entitled The Crowning, the second and third books are entitled The Reign and The Turnover respectively. The novel has a post-apocalyptic dystopian theme which according to the author himself was inspired by most of the teen fiction novels of today.

Introduction to the story

The Pageant Hero is a story of a young man named Alexander Pane. Alex, turning 21 is about to enter early adulthood when suddenly the government under the power of the Crowned Princess finally implements a 20 year old law that defines society into two classifications; the heterosexuals and the homosexuals. Starting this year all men in all six states at the age of 21 will undergo tests and screenings to be classified as either Hetero or Homo, Heteros will be free to live and procreate, Homos will be put under the custody of the Palace for further scientific and behavioral observations.

Alexander Pane was classified as Homo  together with 14 other men in their state, they were taken to a place in the Palace for what they thought to be a place for scientific observations, but they were wrong. They arrived in a huge hall with all other Homos from the other 5 states, and were grouped according to their respective states, the white, red, yellow, brown, black and blue each representing a race or a mix of ethnicities. The total number of classified  homos is 77. Right after everyone has settled within their groups, a huge screen turns on showing the Crowned Princess in a podium about to make an important speech.

And this is how the story begins

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Kingdom of America, I stand before you to deliver a very important announcement. A few days ago the Royal Decree VII  has finally took its pilot implementation, we gathered all homo-classified men in the entire country and now we present the 77 men to you. From now on, each year we will hold a pageant for these men, to evaluate their fitness to our society. They will be transformed into women for one night and vie for one crown, a jury will score  and choose to spare only 5 of them, 4 of which will become transgenders and only 1 will be crowned and freed. This is how we show humanity, this is how we remind the people, that the power of women, at all times, shall reign supreme."

Pageant Hero: The Crowning

My name is Alexander Pane, a resident of Rougeland, the Red State. I was born to a family of three, just me, my father and my twin sister. My mother died after giving birth, just right after I came out of this world, my father hated me for that.

To be continued...

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