Chapter 19: Perfect Two

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Chapter 19: Perfect Two

We sneak in the back door. "Shh." They shush each other. "Shut up." I tell them all. I could hear someone singing. I, Louis, and Niall crawl to the couch. The singing got louder and prettier as we approach. "Oh nana"

I count down silently. "Surprise!" We all pop up and yell. Chloe screams and falls off of the couch. We all laugh, including Chloe. "What was that song that you were singing? It's really catchy." Niall asks as she stands. "It's called Nana."

Symantha is in love with that song. "Symantha got it stuck in my head." She tell us. "Where is Symantha?" I ask her. "She's at work."

"And where's Ashlyn?" I ask. "Sleeping." That wasn't a real specific answer. "And where exactly?" I ask.

"In her crib." I nod and sprint to the girls' room. She was sleep. She's always sleeping. I pick her up and carry her to the living room. Harry takes her away from me.

"Wakey wakey." He says. Chloe sits back on the couch. "You guys can sit down." She giggles. We all sit on the big, yet small couch.

Harry wakes Ashlyn up slowly but surely. "She's so adorable." Louis chirps. Ashlyn sleepily lifts her head up and opens up her eyes. One by one.

Chloe grins. Symantha stumbles through the door with a hand full of bags. "Great! Boys, can you help me with groceries?" She drops the bags down. "That wasn't a question." We get up and walk out the door. I open the trunk. "Wow!" Niall says. "It's heaven."

I look at the rest of the boys. "Where's Ashlyn?" I ask Harry. "I gave her to Chloe." I nod and turn around. I pick up a couple of bags and take them inside.

Symantha takes the bag and places a secret kiss on my cheek. "I missed you." she says. I rest my hand around her neck. "I missed you more." She hits my chest. "Liar."

I kiss her. "No P.D.A. in front of your daughter." Chloe says. We both look at her and Ashlyn. "Seriously, you two are the perfect couple. It makes me want to cry." She tells us. I chuckle.

Perfect? "You know perfect doesn't exist?" I ask. Symantha agrees. "Yeah, it's too strong of a word?" Chloe shook her head. "It's the perfect word." The boys walk in and put the bags with the others.

"What took you guys so long?" I ask. Harry takes his seat beside of Chloe and puts his arm around her. "Niall." Louis whispers loudly. I look at Niall. "It was him; I swear!" I look back at Louis and his big smile. "What did you do?" I ask. "You'll have to find out yourself."

That'll be later, because I'm not wasting time out there when I could spend it in here. With Symantha and Ashlyn.

I change the subject. "So, you guys are moving in three days?" Symantha nods. "We're going to try to move everything in one day." She says. I could help them. "We can help you guys?" I insist.

"Yeah, you two won't get it done in one day without us. More hands?" Harry adds. Chloe shakes her head. "No, you guys really don't need to."

"We insist." Harry says a little pushy. "No thank you." Chloe says back full of irritation. "Harry." I break up their little fight. Harry relaxes a little bit.

What was that all about? I look at Symantha. I guess she didn't realize anything was wrong. Am I the only one?

Symantha's Point Of View:

I was so scared Liam would notice something was wrong. I know it's nothing big, but I don't want Liam to know. He could tell Harry, and Harry might think she's cheating on him.

I look at Chloe. I've never heard Harry and her fight. She looked worried. Probably about the fact that we're totally lying.

"Walk with me." Liam tells me. I follow him. "What was that about?" He asks me. "I have no idea." I lied. Liam opens the car door and crickets jump everywhere. We both jump back, but I was the only one who screams. I hear Liam say Louis' name under his breath.

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