Chapter 2

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I was grateful to Nick for chilling me out for the twins' birthday party & especially grateful for him relieving my tension in our bedroom as the guests arrived. The party was so much fun & I didn't care that Jerry threw a hissy fit when we made him get out of the bounce house to do his birthday cake. And I found it hilarious, as did everyone else, when Nick had to go in after Jerry because he had his hissy fit in the middle of the bounce house. Nick was not happy, but he laughed about it afterward. Nick hated when the kids didn't listen to him. Once he picked Jerry up & carried him out of the house, he took him up to his bedroom so they could have a talk. It broke my heart as Jerry bawled, reaching out for me as Nick walked, swiftly, passed me. Mercy started crying, too, watching her brother be carried away. They hated to see the other in pain or be upset. It was adorable, the connection they had, for the most part.

When Nick & Jerry returned to the party, several minutes later, it was as if Jerry had never been crying. Nick rolled his eyes when he saw my face. He thought I was too soft on them, but I was their mommy. I didn't want to see them upset & they were only two. Nick kept reminding me that they'd only get worse if we didn't start laying down the law now.

We cut the cake after we sang to the twins, then they started opening gifts. The gifts were overwhelming, to say the least. They got tons of clothes, electronic toys made specifically for toddlers, outside toys & learning toys, as well as a lot of books. The twins loved to read, so the books were a welcomed present for sure, especially, since most of their books were in L.A. The big gift was the drum sets, two tiny little drum sets for kids, but ones that made a whole lot of noise. Jerry got a blue set & Mercy's was hot pink. I glared at Jack, our friend, the drummer, who was responsible for this. He smiled, proudly, as he bit a carrot.

"This is awesome, Jack." Nick gushed as he checked out the tiny drum set. Nick sat Jerry on the tiny stool & held him since he couldn't even touch the floor. Nick was more excited than Jerry was. Mercy tried to get up on her stool & when she couldn't, Joe came over to help her. I smiled, watching Joe with her. She had him wrapped around her finger, that was for sure. Blanda was in trouble if they ever had a girl. Joe would be mush around that little girl. His nieces could get anything they wanted.

The rest of the party was casual, everyone just hanging out, leaving when they felt like it. Bless our moms because they did all the cleaning up. Mercy fell asleep on Nick's dad, so he carried her up to her bed. Jerry fell asleep on the floor in the dining room, his ass in the air. It was pretty hilarious, actually & of course, I had to take a photo. I would humiliate him one day with that. The guests starting thinning out as the night went on, especially if they had kids. I was exhausted by the time the last few people left, which was Nick's mom & dad. The moment Nick closed the door behind them, he locked it & turned to me as I stood a few feet behind him, feeling dead to the world.

"Now, we can make all kinds of noise." Nick sauntered to me, then kissed my cheek as his arms slithered around my waist.

"I'm so tired, babe. Can we wait until tomorrow to make some noise?" I asked as Nick moved his mouth to my neck, planting soft kisses on my skin just under my ear.

"Mmmm hmmmm." Nick responded, still kissing my neck, before nibbling on my earlobe. I melted in his arms. "I'll let you go to sleep." He murmured in my ear as his hands went to my ass. "Come on." He said as he pulled away from me & took my hand. I sighed, smiling at him. He made me forget how tired I was as he kept looking at me over his shoulder as we headed up to our bedroom. His sexy brown eyes twinkled with an eagerness & he licked his lips, craving mine, I'm sure, since I was certainly craving his.

Once we were in our bedroom, Nick let go of my hand & went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I undressed slowly, starting to feel the fatigue come over me again. I took my bra off, tossing it on my chair, then grabbed the nightgown I was wearing to bed. As I went to put it over my head, I felt Nick come up behind me, his hand slipping inside my panties. I gasped, quietly, leaning my head against his shoulder. He started kissing my shoulder, working his way to my neck, as his fingers slipped in between my lips in my panties.

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