Lets Just Talk

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Dustin POV

right now I was walking back to the car, and Courtney was getting everything, I know it wrong to let her get the bags but right now I don't care


she finally made it to the car still cry, she has a lot of explaining to do

"Can you please help me Dustin " she says standing in front of me

"No you can do it" I say getting in the car I don't care if I'm being mean I'm mad!

"STOP BEING MEAN TO ME!" she yells. 

"I'm not hurry up" I say starting the car up

5mins later

she was done and was on our was back to my house

"take me home "

"I am, we going to my house remember what's mines is yours" I said with a grin on my face

"take me to MY house now Dustin I don't want to be around you your being mean An I didn't do anything BAD to you!" she say yelling her yelling not go make me take her home she yelling for nothing

"I'm not taking you home so just chill we going to me house to talk we going to bed an then I will take you home in the morning " I say calmly she really getting on my last nerves


10mins later.

  minutes later we pull up to my house this time I get everything out the car, and courtney walking to the front door opening it.


about this time I had everything in place  and Courtney was up in my room laying on my bed waiting to talk I guess, I go and lay next to her, here we go!

"tell me everything"

Courtney POV

"ok what do you want to know? "

" I just told you EVERYTHING damn!! " he is being so mean right now an I don't like it

"Stop yelling at me goes "

"just fucking tell me damn " he yells making me jump a bit

" ok, i was only 15 when I had her, her dad was in her life for like the first 2years until he died in a car accident; right now she is  with my parents on a vacation they will be back tomorrow if you want to meet her you are welcome to, and again I want to say sorry for not telling you before I wasn't really thinking an I love you so much I don't want to lose you " once again I'm crying

"its ok baby an I would love to meet her I love too baby you will never lose me I'm here forever"he say looking me in the eye

"is she gone to be living with you soon?"he says

"yes she is I just wanted to get settled into my house before she comes home with me I have good child proof the house because my parents will check every inch of that house"

" Courtney got those strict parents" he say laughing

"its not funny damn " I say playfully rolling my eyes

"what I say about that mouth " he said pinches my leg

" Ouch! that hurt don't do that again" I say rubbing my leg

"I'm sorry just don't curse you're too pretty to cursed" he says moving my hand to rub my leg for me

"look you bruised me" I said getting a walk is a full length mirror to look at it

" I said I was sorry baby " he says getting up coming behind me

"its ok I'm about to lay down now I'm very tired "I say walking to the bed getting in it an laying down with him right behind me

"me too goodnight baby I love you " he says kissing  my lips

"night babe I love you more" I say drifting off to sleep

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