Raine's POV

Seth quickly caught up to us and bent over laughing. I smiled at him and he grinned back. Later, we went back to AWHQ and settled down. This time, we actually began training our powers, it was much easier with all of the tension demolished. My heart panged in my chest as I stared at my boyfriend as he's looking through books.

He's really hot, even though I hate to admit it. His muscles flexed up and down as his eyebrows were knitted together in concentration.

I was dressed in my black leggings with a purple silky tank too and my hair in a braided bun. Whistling sounds came from behind me as I turned around. A group of boys around my age were looking at me up and down as one of them licked their lips. Seth looked up and saw the three giving me a once over. His jaw tightened and his fists clenched as he glared at them. God, it even scared me. His muscles stiffen when the boys took no notice from Seth and kept eyeing me like a fat kid looks at cake.

"Hey, beautiful," one of the boys called," you look sexy." he smirked flirtatiously. I blush looking down at my shoes. On the other hand Seth's eyes were darkening angrily.

"Hey Kevin," Seth called," go walk off a short pier before I push you off one." I glanced towards Seth melting my insides. I might even like him a little more....

Kevin put his hands up in surrender. " Calm your jets man, I just wanted to give this gorgeous lady a compliment that's all," Kevin replied smoothly. His two friends kept eyeing me up down hunger in their eyes. I glare at them disgusted. Kevin glanced back at me and winked. This just made Seth angrier, if that's even possible.

" Kevin you better walk out of here before I kick your puny ass right out the door. Don't try to flirt with MY GIRL unless you want me to wipe your obnoxious smirk off your face," Seth threatened. Okay, now my heart was racing faster than the speed of light.

He called you 'my girl'

My legs are going to give way about any second. Kevin and his buddies backed away with some nervousness evident in their eyes not before Kevin giving me one last wink the walking out the door. I didn't even notice Seth right behind me holding me tight and close to his chest. I looked up at him and his jaw was still clenched. I gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

" Don't worry," I spoke softly," You're the only one for me. " Holy crap, where did that confidence come from? He smiled at me giving me another kiss in my cheek. He gripped his hold on me tighter as if protecting me.

" Now that you're my girl, I'm never going to let you go."

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