That Girl (Poetry)

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You know that girl.

The one who is consistently

Brightening the room with her smile

And making others' days,

Trying to help people out,

And always doing her best.

She's always been like this;

Always happy,



Always Fooling everyone.

She's been hurt

By you.

She has a crush on you?

Take it as a compliment.

Don't crush her feelings--

That's the wrong homophone, my friend.

How about one day

You ask her how she is first,

And make sure she's telling the truth

When she responds.

Don't let her ask you how

Your night was first.

When you respond, ask her how hers was.

She will say

"Fine, Thanks for asking!"

All with a smile, I promise you.

That's not what she needs,

She needs you to ask her first.

Please. Save her.

That smile hides her story.

You know the one.

It's about how

the scissors hit the floor as her whole body shook,

The warm blood flowing from her thigh.

Her enjoying the pain

Not enjoying it, rather,

But laughing at her weakness,

And smiling at the unjust, unfair, evil thing we call


Let me give you people out there are helpful hint:

When the blood runs from her veins,

Do not tell her she is weak

Instead, tell her she

Was strong

For too long

Don't romanticize it or speak of its

"Poetic beauty"

Because it's not beautiful;

She is.

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