Trina P.O.V.

"Baby I'll call you back" I said to Navadius, we was on this phone talking about the most stupidness for almost two hours now.

"Why you rushing me off the phone your other man with you aye?" Navadius asked

"Yeah he right here you want say hi" I said irritated

"You got jokes, but what you have plan for today?"

"Nothing going to the mall and go to the park"

"With?" Navadius asked

"Chris" I replied

"You know what I'm not going to argue with you, just don't cause me have to body niggah, why you meeting up with this dude anyway?"

"It's not even that serious Navadius relax, were strictly friends"

"Alright I'm not going to just assume shit but just know I love you, Don't do something you'll regret and imma see you later, bye" he said and hung up

I looked at my phone and flung it across the room, I don't see why he is getting so upset about he should trust me. I don't see nothing wrong with me and Chris just hanging out he is a real cool guy and he is just someone I kick it with nothing more and nothing less, I know how far to go with Chris and trust were not going nowhere beyond friendship.

All the girls left yesterday night leaving me to clean up they mess, I mean where they do that at?

I quickly jumped out of bed and went in the bathroom to do my hygiene stuff. I put on my leopard bra and panty set whiles I stayed in the mirror to flat iron my hair.

Chris and I are going to the mall to go get some shoes and maybe go walk through the park and just talk, see nothing out of the ordinary just two friends doing a little shopping and going to the park. 

I put on my black sundress with my open toe sandals and I added some dark sunglasses to go with it to block out my haters. I locked up the house and went outside to my car and there I found another note saying "Today is the day, hope your ready"

I laughed, balled up the note, then throw it away and stuck up my middle finger to who ever was stalking me. I really don't have time for this playing game shit if you want me come and get me! I went in my car and started it up and cruised all the way to the mall where I'm suppose to be meeting Chris.

When I pulled up my eyes immediately went on Chris standing up outside waiting on me, he had on a long cammy pants with a red shirt with some red and white nike shoes. I parked my car and started walking to him and the first thing he did was lick his lips.

"Hey you" I said

"Wassup gorgeous" he replied

All I did was smile and continue walking inside the mall. We went in a bunch of shoe stores and jewelry stores and I must say for a guy who works in Foot Locker he sure have money, I'm starting to think does he only sell shoes or is it more than that.

When we got tired we decided to just sit and get a pretzel. I decided to text Navadius because he ran through my mind.

~Text Convo~

Trina: Hey Baby, I'm thinking about you

Vadius: Thinking about you too babe

Trina: Babe I have to tell you something, there was a note on my car when I stepped out of the house saying "Today is the day and I hope your ready"

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